We offer a range of online courses certified by English UK and Trinity College London, as well as our own suite of EdTech training - click on any of the course titles to find out more. All of our online courses are validated by Aqueduto.

    We also offer face-to-face training wherever you are, or the chance to beam us in to your training room with one of our virtual training packages. Find out more with the options on the right.

    Finally, we offer a variety of scholarship opportunities, and these crop up regularly over the course of each year.

    [ online courses ]
    • CertICT
      Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology.
    • CertIBET
      Certificate in International Business English Training.
    • Going Mobile
      Learn to teach effectively with handheld devices.

    [ more… ]
    • Face-to-Face Training
      We also offer face-to-face EdTech training: seminars, workshops, conferences and in-house courses wherever you are in the world.

    • Virtual Training
      If we can't meet in person, we can come and train at your place virtually! A truly cost-effective solution.

    • Scholarships
      We offer a variety of scholarships ourselves, and in conjunction with other organisations.


    Highly experienced in the field of online training and consultancy, we are uniquely placed to help you find cost-effective, efficient & pedagogically sound solutions to a range of educational challenges. If you're interested in exploring how EdTech can best support learning in your context, we can help.

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    • Our Team
      Find out about our directors - Gavin & Nicky - and the rest of the team.
    • What We Do
      Discover more about our approach and philosophy to consultancy work.

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    If you think we can help you, please drop us a line and we'll be happy to talk.

    We're sorry to see you go, but...

    ... well, we think we know a thing or two about technology (EdTech) and CPD (Continual Professional Development), and we'd like to share a few tips with you - totally free of charge. To get our PDF on Developing an effective EdTech CPD Programme, just click the button below. We hope you enjoy it!


    Virtual Training

    Virtual Training

    We offer real-time training via videoconferencing to groups of teachers in your institution. How does this work? Your teachers sit together in one room, and we deliver the workshop(s) via a videoconferencing platform. Your teachers see us on a screen at the front of the room, and we interact with them in real time, as in a f2f workshop. We have them do short pair and group work tasks, we solicit and listen to their opinions and experiences, and we interact with them exactly as if we were there in person.

    All you need at your end is a suitably sized room, a reliable Internet connection, and a computer connected to a projector – and of course a group of teachers who need training! Our virtual workshop(s) can be followed up with one-hour virtual mentoring sessions for small groups of your teachers, to help them embed the new concepts, ideas and activities effectively into their classroom practice. We also deliver conference plenary talks to large audiences via videoconferencing.

    Virtual Training

    The videoconferencing training option can mean considerable savings for you in terms of travel and accommodation. It is an approach that we have used with a range of educational institutions, universities, and schools. Contact us for more information or:

    — site by Gavin Dudeney

    — site by Gavin Dudeney

    (c) 2018, TCE Ltd.

    (c) 2018, TCE Ltd.

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