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    Our scholarships have been won by an amazing bunch of teachers from all around the globe. Check out the gallery below.

    Winners Gallery

    Tatjana Jovcheska, Macedonia
    [ winner of our eModeration Developing Countries scholarship ]

    Tatjana Jovcheska is an EFL/ESL teacher, educational consultant and recruiter with teaching experience in a variety of settings. She has taught in primary and secondary schools and presently is working as an online English teacher at Russian GLASHA Skype School. She is also a part-time English teacher at Schola Kids delivering online English lessons to Vietnamese kids. Additionally to this role, she is a curriculum developer and lesson planner and IB examiner. She holds BA in English Language and Literature and MA in Tesol. She has also been a recipient of E-teacher scholarship, iTDi CPD scholarship and Teach Abroad Scholarship. Her areas of interest include applied linguistics, vocabulary teaching, classroom dynamics and creative e- teaching. She has attended many seminars, webinars and conferences. Tatjana absolutely adores teaching. She considers herself an enthusiastic and a dedicated teacher. She tries to devote herself to every single student. Her goal is to combine her range of experience with her ability to be a compassionate, resourceful and practical teacher who would positively contribute to the language classroom.

    Elliot Billingsley, USA
    [ winner of our Teaching Live Online scholarship ]

    Elliot's free spirit and passion for languages have sent him everywhere and back. He has immersed himself in six non-English-speaking nations, sharing the English language with hundreds of global citizens. His formal education consists of a double major (BA, 2009) in English Literature and Asian Languages and Culture from the University of British Columbia, Canada; and the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA, 2011). Elliot has both worked at prestigious, urban institutions and volunteered for humble, grassroots projects. Elliot defines education as self-knowledge that then makes anything possible.

    Currently based in Seattle, WA, Elliot is teaching EFL with a small, driven company focused on adult ELLs spread across various countries. This fall, Elliot will begin a teacher education program (BEd 2019) back at UBC Vancouver. With this, he hopes to bring his talents to either a school district in Canada that can help Elliot express his global citizenship, or follow another path to solve global issues through education.

    Paul Dummett, United Kingdom
    [ winner of our Hands Up Project scholarship ]

    Paul Dummett is a teacher and writer for National Geographic Learning based in Oxford. He started his career teaching English in 1986, working with children at a university school and in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. 27 years later he has returned to these roots giving online lessons to children in Palestine with the Handsupproject. His main interest is the use of images and stories in language teaching and how these can help to enhance learning.

    Vicky Wilson, Canada
    [ winner of our AIWR scholarship ]

    Vicky currently teaches English as an additional language (EAL/ESL) online. She has volunteered with the Alliance for International Women’s Rights (AIWR) since 2008. The AIWR provides online English skills development and mentoring to women and girls in Afghanistan and Nepal. The AIWR is a global network of professionals who voluntarily share their knowledge and abilities with a view to create connections and opportunities. Vicky has taught ESL in South Korea, Thailand, China, and Canada. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Anthropology (minor Women’s Studies) and a Master’s in TESOL as well as TESOL certification. More recently she has been focused on the engagement, motivation, and continued success of younger learners involved in additional language acquisition.

    Saifa Haque, Bangladesh

    Saifa Haque, a 2018 Rosa Aronson scholar of TESOL International Association, loves teaching and training. She is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of English, East West University, Bangladesh. As an enthusiast of integrating ICT in ELT, she completed her MA as a Hornby scholar from the University of Warwick, UK. Besides teaching, she has been working with the British Council to train teachers on the use of ICT for teaching English. Her articles have been published in peer-reviewed national and international journals. Her enthusiasm for sharing her research findings has led her to present more than seventeen papers in different national and international conferences. Apart from teaching and training, she loves travelling.

    Ruth Fernandes Braga Borges, Brazil
    [ winner of our developing countries scholarship ]

    Ruth is an English language teacher in São Paulo (Brazil) and teaches Business and General English both online and face to face. She also worked in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she lived for several years. There she was a remote teacher at a project delivering English language training in Uruguayan primary schools, using remote teaching via videoconferencing, as part of a partnership between the British Council and ‘Plan Ceibal’ (the one-laptop-per-child project in Uruguay). Since 2015, she is also the coordinator and teacher for the ‘Online English Teaching’, a voluntary project serving the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) Latin American team. She has just received her Cert IBET certificate. The online course and the interaction with the tutor and peers were extremely beneficial to her professional development. She strongly believes that the e-moderation course is going to give her the knowledge, skills and tools she needs to expand and improve her contribution in distance learning projects.

    Nancy Arnold-Hunting, Mexico
    [ winner of our AIWR scholarship programme ]

    Nancy has a Bachelor degree in French and has been teaching ESL and EFL since earning her Graduate Certificate in TESOL in 2007. She has been a long-time teacher and mentor for the Alliance for International Women’s Rights, helping build the capacity of Afghan women leaders and future women leaders by teaching English reading and writing, as well as guiding students who wish to pursue post-graduate education in a foreign country with TOEFL/iELTS test prep. In the United States, Nancy has taught English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to adult immigrants and refugees in college and community programs. She lives in Mexico during the winter where she is a teacher trainer. Nancy is an engaged and observant world-traveler who is committed to social justice. In addition to Mexico, she has lived in France, Dubai, Singapore and the Caribbean.

    Sagun Shrestha, Nepal

    Sagun Shrestha, a 2016 Hornby scholar for the postgraduate course in ELT at the University of Warwick, UK, has served as the coordinator for English Access Microscholarship Program, Nepal and teacher trainer in Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA). Equally, he has worked as an English teacher for more than seven years from primary to undergraduate levels in Nepal. An editor-in-chief of 'The GEM 2012', recently he has been serving as the co-editors of the e-zines: NELTA ELT Forum and The Warwick ELT. His areas of interest are integrating learning technologies in ESL/EFL classrooms, teacher education, conversational analysis and discourse analysis.

    Zaruhi Soghomonyan, PhD., Armenia

    Zaruhi is an English Language instructor at French University in Armenia and has recently been involved in the project called "Expanding English Access: Reaching Remote Regions with New Technologies" as a curriculum developer and teacher. Having successfully concluded the first Module of the said project (4 Modules with 6 week MOODLE courses each) at present she is in charge of elaborating the second phase which will include elements of Social and Business English aimed at assisting participants to deepen their knowledge of English and to prepare them for employability. Now that the first phase is over, she ascertains there are many drawbacks and weaknesses she has confronted which require a bit more than reading literature. She has a strong conviction that the course will endow her with the opportunity to analyze the project she is into, to come up with strengths and weakness, and most importantly the ways on how to surmount and tackle them. She believes that this is the right time for her to take up this course, since the knowledge and skills she will harvest will be immediately transferred to her colleagues and will serve for the benefit of the second phase of the course.

    Frances Walker, Spain

    Frances Walker moved from London to Barcelona in 2000, where she embarked on a career as an ELT teacher after successfully completing the CELTA course in 2013. Frances is now a freelance EFL/ELT/ESP teacher, and teaches in a variety of settings including: 1-to-1 classes with young learners and adults, group classes with high school students and motorcycle mechanics, and conversation classes via telephone and Skype. Frances is fascinated by the potential benefits of using technology to enhance her students’ learning, and looks forward to bringing knowledge she will gain from the CertICT course into her classes.

    Tom Flaherty, Spain

    Tom is a corporate English trainer based in Barcelona, Spain. He won a fully-funded scholarship on our e-Moderation course in early 2016

    By winning the scholarship, I have been able to take part in a course that has opened my eyes to a whole new area of teaching through an incredibly engaging, thought-provoking and hands-on approach. Before this course, I had had some bad experiences in online courses, but now I have finished this course being able to understand where previous courses went wrong, and what I can do to ensure that students are motivated and engaged throughout the duration of the online programme in the future. Tom Flaherty

    Ana Marija Plemencic, Croatia

    Ana Marija Plemencic is an ESL teacher at the Land Surveying School (Geodetska tehnicka skola) in Zagreb, Croatia. A member of the Croatian Association of Teachers of English (HUPE), she is also actively involved in several projects at her school, like 'This is our Time' (a global comunications projects initiated by UNESCO) and 'Grading Soft Skills - GRASS' (a 3-year research project funded by the EU and aimed at developing and recognising learners' soft skills). She believes the E-Moderation course is an excellent opportunity to further develop her teaching skills and soft skills and to bring positive changes not only to her organisation but to other teachers in Croatia.

    Obiajulu Emejulu, Nigeria

    Obiajulu Emejulu is a professor of Communication and Language Arts responsible for teaching Use of English and Technical Report Writing courses at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. A member of the Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN) and English Language Teachers Association of Nigeria (ELTAN), he has also been actively involved in running free inservice workshops for primary and secondary school teachers to help them improve their literacy develpment skills and strategies. He sees the e-moderation course as an opportunity not only to upgrade and modernise his own teaching skills but especially as a possible means of redressing the English language skills deficit of students in overcrowded classrooms in Nigeria.

    I have benefited tremendously from the course, which has thoroughly exposed me to the enchanting world of e-instruction, e-moderation and e-learning. I am about to, in a couple of days, give a seminar presentation to my colleagues on the experience to begin to sensitize them and win them over to the world of e-education. The course also has changed my perception of teacher feedback and encouragement of learners in all teaching situations, f2f or online, as well as re-enforced my belief in group work and peer formative assessment.Obiajulu Emejulu

    Tien Mai, Vietnam

    Tien Mai has a degree in English Language Teaching from Ho Chi Minh University of Pedagogy, and a distinction graduation certificate from Curtin University of Technology. The focus of his assignments were applied linguistics investigating language play, the emergence of new varieties of English and appropriate methodologies in Vietnam. He currently works as a secondary school teacher covering a wide range of certifications: IELTS, IGCSE English as a Second Language and Cambridge Checkpoint English at Vietnam-Australia International School, a private bilingual school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    This course is definitely one of the best online courses I've ever experienced. Now I am confident to say that I have seen the overall and vivid picture of being an E-moderator and ready to implement such skills into my teaching contexts. The rigor of writing tasks of E-Mod has trained my critical thinking skills and actually helped me a great deal in winning the Cambridge English Teacher Scholarship to attend the IATEFL Annual Conference in Manchester in 2015. I remembered in the socialization task that Lindsay gave us in the first week of the course called Top Five which we had to write about our any five things that matter to us, my list was my five unfulfilled wishes in which I included attending and presenting at an IATEFL Conference. It is now a dream comes true! Tien Mai

    Agnes Tabe, Cameroon

    Agnes Tabe is a teacher trainer, ELT Adviser and Pedagogic Inspector. She works at the Ministry of Secondary Education, as Head of the ELT Department charged with the supervision and in-service training of teachers of English in Cameroon. Her interests include teaching English across the curriculum, integrating global issues in ELT and teaching extensive reading to elementary learners. She is member of the International Reading Organisation and the Cameroon English Language and Literature Teachers Association. She is also co-author of three English course books for Cameroonian learners. By gaining the knowledge and necessary skills to become an emoderator, Agnes aims to extend training opportunities to many more teachers across Cameroon.

    Rezvan Rashidi, Iran

    Rezvan is an ELT practitioner in Iran, and teaches at a secondary school and Isfahan Teacher Training Centre. She delivers ESP and EAP courses to student teachers in different majors, and ELT courses to student teachers majoring in TEFL. Rezvan is one of the founders and the current president of IELTA (Isfahan English Language Teachers' Association); her responsibility involves planning, coordinating and training. She is keen to share with her student teachers, colleagues and association members the skills and competencies she will develop through the Cert ICT course.

    Pauline Thomas, Germany

    Pauline Thomas is an ELT practitioner in Germany; she teaches mainly in Companies and Training Centres in the Stuttgart area. She has been training in the ESP sector for several years now and has gained a tremendous amount of experience in this field. As there is always room for improvement, she is very pleased to be a part of the upcoming Cert IBET course which will enable her to learn new techniques, and to use her new skills to improve her training even more, and to assist her students in the courses.

    Janis Zeimanis, Latvia

    I have benefited greatly from the course; it has given me the idea what the good online course may be like, what is expected from an online tutor and how much work it actually is. I have also managed to do such things using technology that I had never even tried before. I would strongly recommend the course to everyone who wishes to learn not only main things about how to become a great e-moderator, but also for those who have ever struggled with time management issues. The structure lets one work with their own weaknesses and turn them into their new gains due to the lessons learned.

    [The tutors] were more than excellent, I have mastered the skills that I had never imagined possible.
    Janis Zeimanis

    Anna Maria Davis, Turkey

    I gained so much from this course in terms of new tools, a better understanding of BE, greater knowledge of the wider BE teaching community and topical issues within BE.

    [Would you recommend this course to others?]

    Absolutely! I will be an informal marketer of this course because I believe that it is content rich and the best professional development option for BE teachers on the market.
    Anna Maria Davis

    Tatiana Tolstova, Russia

    The course content is excellently structured and organised, combining research on various topical problems and practical activities related to different business and languages skills, resources, technologies, etc.

    I would certainly recommend this course to my colleagues and other people teaching Business English. Usually people learn by trial and error, looking for the best ways to do things. This can be difficult and time consuming. While this course gives you a system which you can later develop and modify.

    At first I thought that online learning was just a least-evil solution for people who are too busy and cannot travel to study. But this course turned out to be so successful that I now think that if it had been delivered in a conventional way in a classroom, it wouldn't have been so intense, so packed and so efficient.
    Tatiana Tolstova

    Nada Purtic, Serbia

    During the eNetworks course, I expanded my understanding and knowledge on what a CoP is and explored different ways how they can be organized and run.The tutor provided subject expertise, competent help, constant feedback and enthusiastic support and achieved creating a pleasant and informal, yet working and professional atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this course to others because of all the previously mentioned reasons and because it also models what online teaching should be. It is a privilege to learn from the best. Nada Purtic

    Elmira Ilizarova, Azerbaijan

    The content provided us with all the necessary and important tools that an e-moderator has to possess. We read, analysed and discussed main issues and found the solutions to the problems. Besides all this, we could make good friends.I learned a lot, the course gave me very many tips that I will definitely use in my teacher-training program.I have already started sharing my experience, and some of my colleagues expressed their desire to take part in the course. Thank you!Elmira Llizarova

    Akos Gerald, Serbia

    I enjoyed the course greatly and am sorry that it has ended. Knowing that slow and steady work accompanied by meticulous analytical study and reflection works best for me, I believe I will keep learning and profiting from the course as I revisit all the modules and go through everything we have covered once again in the weeks leading up to the assignment submission deadline. I feel I have learned more in the last eleven weeks than in several years beforehand. The course provides participants with a nicely structured framework which makes studying easier and more organised and focused [...] I would and certainly will recommend the course to others.Akos Gerald

    George William Omona, Uganda

    The eModeration course was compact, well structured, collaborative, flexible, interactive, exciting, and reflective, with an easy to use Moodle that provided an excellent Virtual Learning Environment. I found the tutors exceptionally gifted and clearly have the knowledge and experience of eModeration. They provided technical support whenever I needed and their friendliness made the course very enjoyable. I also learnt a lot from my course mates who have diverse admirable knowledge, professional experience, and skills. Although I had no prior knowledge and experience of online learning, the eModeration course has given me knowledge and confidence to pursue any online programme.George William Omona

    Tarik Boussetta, Morocco

    A well-structured, coherent and consistent course. It has offered me insights into the realm of networking through translating concepts into practice [...] I really enjoyed this course! The content was very interesting and kept me focused on what we were doing. I benefited a lot from it and I am sure it will help me develop both professionally and personally.Tarik Boussetta

    Ula Al-Khateeb, Syria

    It was the first time for me to have a training on webquests. I never heard about it before I read the course announcement. I felt as if I now have the key to open a new door with my students and let both of us enjoy discovering and learning by ourselves [...] Our tutor was friendly and she gave me worthy advice, and she followed up my work step by step and made it easier for me with her help :) [...]What I really liked about the Moodle is the new world I entered. It is the first time for me to work with it, and to have an online course as well. It took me a little while to discover it all, and that was a really good experience for me.Ula Al-Khateeb

    Maria Graciana Salvati, Argentina

    Our tutor gave me all the support I needed and her comments were warm and encouraging throughout the course. It was an excellent learning experience, and enables me to pass the knowledge gained to my students, in order to use wikis, and my colleagues, since the tool has so much potential in our field.Maria Graciana Salvati

    Amlaku Bikss Eshetie, Ethiopia

    The Moodle organisation and layout was excellent. I will recommend [the course] to my Ethiopian colleagues as we need to learn more about online/e-learning so that we can practice applying it in our learning/teaching. [Interaction with colleagues] was super. We were only five, including our tutor, and had very nice time.Overall, the course was excellent given the excellent skills and commitment of the tutor. Thank you!Amlaku Bikss Eshetie

    Jennifer Verschoor, Argentina

    I'd like to express my sincere gratitude for the generous scholarship awarded me. I was able to attend a top quality course, which covered a lot of information. The material was well thought out, prepared and extremely practical. Nothing needed to be changed! I strongly suggest you to apply to this unique course as it will definitely be a turning point in your career. I invite you to check my blog for more information.Jennifer Verschoor

    Anindya Syam Choudhury, India

    There is only one word in my dictionary to sum up the structure and organisation of the course content: 'marvellous'. I think every week the course provided something new while the previous lessons were not forgotten, but were rather used subsequently with greater dexterity [...] The Course surely provided a worthwhile learning experience and I could see the benefits of using ICT tools for both on-line distance learning and integrating these tools with the traditional tools of the f2f classroom. I would recommend this course to everyone (I mean teacher, of course!) I meet. I feel this course has the potential of going beyond the bounds of the language teaching scenario.Anindya Syam Choudhury

    Duc Dao, Vietnam

    The experience I have got from the course can be described as "rewarding" and "exciting". The course was very well-paced with interesting tasks including individual, pair and group work, which not only caters for different learning styles but also creates a friendly environment for all the participants. I have also had a chance to discuss my problems and share my experience in handling classroom issues with many other excellent and helpful colleagues from all over the world. I strongly recommend this course to those colleagues who want to improve their skills and are keen on using technology in their classrooms to transform their teaching context.Duc Dao

    Seiyifa Koroye, Nigeria

    The course content is well organised.[Moodle] was fun to use! What I liked most about it was the sense you have of its being a PLACE you get around in, making and meeting friends, while being busy all the while doing the ICT stuff.Tutor's role was altogether supportive, encouraging, motivating. She was mentor, minder and, yes, friend. And talk of hard-work! I still can't work out how she managed to type out, not to talk of think up, all those posts to the forums, keeping our bunch on track, while doing her other job(s) as well. Absolutely invaluable learning experience. It has thrown up challenges for the future. I'll be enrolling for more online ICT training whenever I'm able to pay for it. The key things in the positive rating are the hands-on process and the interactivity of Moodle.Seiyifa Koroye

    Carolina Lapointe, Peru

    Before taking this course, I had already been using internet tools with my students as an additional resource to f2f classes with varied success. This course for online tutors has helped me redirect my objectives and practice since we have also reflected on how to plan and deal with content on online courses. I feel confident to say that now I have a better understanding of how to help online learners and my role as a tutor… I strongly recommend this course to all teachers who seek for effectiveness in their teaching online practices and for rewarding experiences for their students.Carolina Lapointe

    Susmita Pani, India

    It was an excellent course in terms of the content, tutor support, technical support, opportunity for team work and its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Every evening when I got back from work I looked forward to going on line to see what my new course mates and the tutor were saying. The course was particularly interesting because of its interactive nature and because of the tutor support. At no point of time did I experience the loneliness of the online student mentioned so often in literature… I strongly recommend this course to those of you who are interested in online tutoring as I am confident that you won’t be disappointed. The only way you could be disappointed would be if you were not able to make time for the course!Susmita Pani

    Hala Fawzi, Sudan

    What I have experienced here was a rich course both in content and knowledge. I went through a well structured, organized course led by a supportive, helpful, 24 hour- working team who led us through a step-by-step modules to the world of E-moderation. Thank you, Nicky and Gavin, for this wonderful experience, and thank you for a scholarship that has changed my career as an online moderator. I would certainly join another course with Consultant-E one day!Hala Fawzi

    Ana d’Almeida, Brazil

    The course was followed entirely online with 10 participants from Spain, the UK, France, Germany, Serbia and myself from Brazil, tutored by Nicky and Gavin, whose superb work in tandem, took us on a quite intensive learning journey, through individual, small and whole group work. My main aim was to acquire knowledge and skills to work online with teacher association representatives… I cannot but recommend the course to anyone wishing to try out something really new. Thank you, Gavin and Nicky!Ana d'Almeida

    — site by Gavin Dudeney

    — site by Gavin Dudeney

    (c) 2018, TCE Ltd.

    (c) 2018, TCE Ltd.

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