We offer a range of online courses certified by English UK and Trinity College London, as well as our own suite of EdTech training - click on any of the course titles to find out more. All of our online courses are validated by Aqueduto.

    We also offer face-to-face training wherever you are, or the chance to beam us in to your training room with one of our virtual training packages. Find out more with the options on the right.

    Finally, we offer a variety of scholarship opportunities, and these crop up regularly over the course of each year.

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    • CertICT
      Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology.
    • CertIBET
      Certificate in International Business English Training.
    • Going Mobile
      Learn to teach effectively with handheld devices.

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    • Face-to-Face Training
      We also offer face-to-face EdTech training: seminars, workshops, conferences and in-house courses wherever you are in the world.

    • Virtual Training
      If we can't meet in person, we can come and train at your place virtually! A truly cost-effective solution.

    • Scholarships
      We offer a variety of scholarships ourselves, and in conjunction with other organisations.


    Highly experienced in the field of online training and consultancy, we are uniquely placed to help you find cost-effective, efficient & pedagogically sound solutions to a range of educational challenges. If you're interested in exploring how EdTech can best support learning in your context, we can help.

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    • Our Team
      Find out about our directors - Gavin & Nicky - and the rest of the team.
    • What We Do
      Discover more about our approach and philosophy to consultancy work.

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    Online EdTech Training Courses

    Online Training

    We are the original EdTech trainers, running online courses in the use of technologies in teaching since 2003. Our award-winning courses run from two-week introductory courses to topic such as Teaching Live Online and Teaching One-to-One, through our flagship e-Moderation course and on to our fully-certified courses in Business English Training and ICT in the classroom. Click a course below to find out more.

    Case Study - the e-Moderation Course

    The EdTech Suite


    The CertICT: Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology is a qualification for teachers and trainers of English (EFL, TESOL) and for teachers of other languages, who have already started their teaching careers and wish to further enhance their skills and expertise in using ICT (Information and Communications Technology) with their learners in the classroom. The CertICT is suitable for teachers and trainers worldwide, whatever their level of experience with ICT - participants leave this course with a wealth of new ideas, tools, approaches and techniques to use ICT with their own face-to-face learners. [ more… ]


    The CertIBET is a qualification for ELT/TESOL Certificate qualified teachers who have already started their ELT teaching careers and wish to further enhance their skills and expertise in the delivery of Business English courses. The CertIBET is suitable for teachers of Business English (BE) worldwide, whatever their level of experience in BE teaching. It is also aimed at general English teachers who may want to become involved in BE teaching. Whether you teach one-to-one, in-company, at a Business Studies college or university, or in any other BE context, and whether you are new to BE teaching or not, you will leave this course with a clear idea of what BE teaching entails, and plenty of new ideas, tools, approaches and techniques to use with your own BE learners. [ more… ]

    Blended CertIBET
    The Blended CertIBET covers the same content areas as the fully online CertIBET, but is offered in blended mode – that is, part face-to-face (f2f), and part online. Currently the f2f component of the Blended CertIBET is offered in Munich, Germany. [ more… ]


    This course is aimed at teachers, trainers, tutors, facilitators, lecturers and mentors from any discipline and any level of education, who are interested in developing the skills necessary to become an effective e-moderator in online courses. The course is also specifically recommended by Cambridge ESOL for f2f CELTA teacher trainers wanting to become qualified online CELTA trainers. [ more… ]

    Teaching Live 

    Teaching Live Online Courses
    Teaching Live Online Classes is for teachers and trainers of English and/or of other languages, and also for teachers from other disciplines. If you want to learn how to teach students online in real time (i.e. live) via videoconferencing, this is the ideal course for you. The course is suitable for teachers and trainers worldwide, whether you are new to online teaching, or whether you already have some experience of teaching live online classes. You will leave this course with a wealth of new ideas, tasks, techniques, approaches and tools for teaching students live online. [ more... ]

    Teaching 1-to-1 

    Teaching One-to-One
    Many teacher training courses equip teachers with the skills and techniques to teach group courses, such as managing group dynamics, setting up effective pair and groupwork and encouraging peer teaching and feedback. What these courses may not help you with, however, is techniques for teaching students on a one-to-one basis, such as meeting highly specific learning needs, reacting to your student's personal learning preferences and dealing with a potential clash of personalities in a decidedly intimate teaching situation! Our Teaching One-to-One course gives you the skills and confidence to teach students in a one-to-one scenario in a principled and effective manner. [ more... ]

    Going Mobile 

    Going Mobile
    The course teaches you how to plan for and use mobile devices in the language classroom, with a focus on designing and implementing effective mobile-based activities with your learners. [ more... ]


    • Overall, I absolutely loved this course. I think this is probably just the right course for anyone who has never done a course like this, though what was amazing was that people who were extremely knowledgeable about CMC were contributing and enjoying it as well. (...) It has been a great experience, and if you never changed anything in this course would still be great. Many many thanks.
      Dr. Amos Paran
      Institute of Education, University of London, UK
    • The course was very professionally managed and it was nice to see how this week’s tasks all miraculously appeared each week! (…) Keep up the great work and I can’t think of two people who could do a better job at informing and helping ELT professionals to learn more about the advantages of e-learning.
      George Pickering
      Freelance Trainer and Coach, UK
    • Perfect, IMHO. Not too much (interaction with tutors), but enough to keep things moving. Great work by the tutors in leading by example in the chat. (…) This was a real eye opener to the world of virtual learning. I feel much better equipped now to begin my own work as an online tutor. Thanks a lot Nicky and Gavin!
      Lindsay Clandfield
      Freelance Teacher Trainer and Author, Spain
    • I heard about this course from a friend who is a language consultant and she told me it was the best emoderation course available. I have thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on approach of the course and feel it is excellent value for money considering the tutor contact time and the quality of the course design and content. It is one of the best courses that I have ever done. Thank you The Consultants-E!
      Bryony Rayhan
      Freelance Teacher Trainer, Bangladesh
    • I feel that this course has prepared me well for future e-moderation roles through careful focus on on-line tutor skills and various principles of on-line learning and assessment.
      Helen Legge
      Teacher and Co-ordinator, British Council, Italy
    • I loved it! Learned loads, not just about e-moderating and all those e-tools, but about all sorts of things related to work load management and keeping my cool. I also found it extremely useful to be a participant, it's so rare these days - it's a truly scary place to be and I'l remember that! I feel I progressed at a steady pace, I tried when possible to put into practice as many ideas and suggestions as I could.
      Sandie Mourao
      Early years language learning consultant, Portugal
    • This course is definitely one of the best online courses I've ever experienced. Now I am confident to say that I have seen the overall and vivid picture of being an E-moderator and ready to implement such skills into my teaching contexts.
      Tien Mai
      Lecturer of English, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Vietnam


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    — site by Gavin Dudeney

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    (c) 2018, TCE Ltd.

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