We offer a range of online courses certified by English UK and Trinity College London, as well as our own suite of EdTech training - click on any of the course titles to find out more. All of our online courses are validated by Aqueduto.

    We also offer face-to-face training wherever you are, or the chance to beam us in to your training room with one of our virtual training packages. Find out more with the options on the right.

    Finally, we offer a variety of scholarship opportunities, and these crop up regularly over the course of each year.

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    • CertICT
      Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology.
    • CertIBET
      Certificate in International Business English Training.
    • Going Mobile
      Learn to teach effectively with handheld devices.

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    • Face-to-Face Training
      We also offer face-to-face EdTech training: seminars, workshops, conferences and in-house courses wherever you are in the world.

    • Virtual Training
      If we can't meet in person, we can come and train at your place virtually! A truly cost-effective solution.

    • Scholarships
      We offer a variety of scholarships ourselves, and in conjunction with other organisations.


    Highly experienced in the field of online training and consultancy, we are uniquely placed to help you find cost-effective, efficient & pedagogically sound solutions to a range of educational challenges. If you're interested in exploring how EdTech can best support learning in your context, we can help.

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    • Our Team
      Find out about our directors - Gavin & Nicky - and the rest of the team.
    • What We Do
      Discover more about our approach and philosophy to consultancy work.

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    We work with a range of partners, who - like us - offer high quality online educational services. Our partners currently include validatory bodies (Aqueduto), non-profits (The Alliance for International Women's Rights, The Hands Up Project), education providers (NILE, Oxford TEFL, and Sue Leather Associates), and a hosting provider (Synergy Learning). Click on each name below for further information about our partners.



    The Consultants-E are founding members of AQUEDUTO, the Association for Quality Education & Training Online. A partnership between online and blended training providers, publishers, educational bodies and quality assurance and validation groups, AQUEDUTO aims to ensure that teachers gain access to the best possible online training available.

    More details on their website.


    Norwich Institute for Language Education run online and face-to-face training courses from beginner level to their modular MA course in partnership with the University of Chichester.


    NILE offer the Cambridge CELTA and DELTA, a suite of twenty-four face-to-face courses covering everything from very young learners to technology and beyond, a full modular MA programme and a growing collection of online courses to suit most teachers.

    More details on their website.

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    The Alliance for International Women's Rights ( is a non-profit organization with the mission of supporting women leaders and future women leaders in the developing world--with a current focus on Afghanistan and Nepal. AIWR believes in the rights and values outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Elimination of All Discrimination Against Women and the Beijing Platform for Action. These human rights instruments assert that "women's rights are human rights" and recognize the essential dignity and inherent rights of every person.

    We believe that creating support for the empowerment of grassroots women's rights organizations is one of the most effective pathways for combating gender power imbalances and achieving lasting social change. Thus, AIWR is committed to creating a support network for women's rights organizations in developing countries, and to honoring the dignity, strength, insight and creativity of grassroots activists on the front lines of the human rights movement.

    AIWR's long-distance Empowerment Programs take advantage of free Internet-based communication technology to help open the world to women in developing countries through long-distance volunteers. Volunteers in our English Program and Mentor Program use Skype and e-mail to meet long distance with women and girls in Afghanistan and Nepal to provide individual tutoring and mentoring. The exchanges that occur through this process help move women and girls toward their personal education or employment goals while also helping to bridge worlds and improve understanding between different cultures.

    If you are an experienced English teacher who is interested in volunteer teaching or professional mentoring for AIWR, please visit their website or email them (Cathy Raymond, Executive Director) directly for more information. Due to security concerns for their Afghan participants, they are only able to accept female volunteers to all of their programs.

    The Hands Up Project 
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    In a new collaboration for 2018 we are proud to be able to offer scholarships for teachers working on the Hands Up Project with Palestinian and Syrian children. This scholarship is offered to teachers volunteering on the Hands Up Project. It consists of a fully funded place on our two-week Teaching Live Online course, on every iteration of the course during the year.

    “My involvement with so many storytelling projects in Palestine over the last five years has taught me that Palestinian children, of course, are no different from any other children in this respect. But in Palestine stories can take on a heightened importance. They are a powerful way to make a connection in a place where freedom of movement is severely limited, and where feelings of isolation are common. They can enable Palestinian children to connect to themselves and their own rich culture, but also to the world outside – a world which it sometimes seems has abandoned them. Stories are also a very powerful and memorable way to contextualise the children’s learning of English. It was with these ideas in mind that the Hands Up Project came into being.

    Three years ago, using very simple video conferencing tools, I started connecting online to a small group of children in a library in Beit Hanoun, Gaza for weekly storytelling sessions. From these humble beginnings, the Hands Up Project now works with over thirty different groups in Gaza, in the Occupied West Bank, and in Zaatari refugee camp for Syrian children in Jordan. As many as 500 kids a week now connect to volunteers around the world who work in collaboration with the local teacher to tell stories to each other, to play games and to do other activities to help them bring the English that the children are learning come to life.”

    “Well, anyone who’s ever taught kids will know that having a class of motivated and enthusiastic children with their hands in the air, wanting to put themselves forward, is something that can make our jobs as teachers feel very worthwhile. Despite all the difficulties that Palestinian and Syrian children face in their daily lives, those of us around the world who now volunteer with HUP are greeted with this sight on a regular basis. This is what The Hands Up Project is all about.”

    Nick Bilbrough
    Founder and Coordinator
    Hands Up Project

    Oxford TEFL 

    OxfordTEFL offers a face to face Trinity Cert TESOL and a blended learning Trinity Diploma in TESOL for teachers who want to develop their teaching skills and their career with a recognized qualification. Courses run throughout the year. The 4 week intensive CertTESOL course is offered in 5 locations: Barcelona, Prague, London, Cadiz and Kerala in India. The Dip TESOL can be followed anywhere in the world, with a 3 week face to face component in a choice of locations. Founded in 1998, OxfordTEFL offers practical, dynamic and challenging courses supported by an expert team of tutors which include Nicky Hockly, Lindsay Clandfield, Duncan Foord, Anthony Gaughn, Adrian Underhill and Nicola Meldrum.

    Check out discounts for TCE students and more about OxfordTefl courses on their website.

    Sue Leather Associates 

    Sue Leather Associates runs online courses through its own moodle platform. Upcoming courses:

    Fundamentals of Project Management

    A six-week course in the basics of Project Management, run on the Sue Leather Associates moodle. Aimed at people currently working in project management, the course covers all the basics of setting up, maintaining , monitoring and evaluating projects. More details on their website or contact them directly.

    Synergy Learning 

    Synergy Learning was formed in 1997 by The University of Ulster to build upon innovative R&D into new media education. They provide cutting edge interactive learning resources for Post-Primary, Further and Higher Education, which can be used across a number of curricular areas as well as in Recreational, Vocational and Continuing Professional Development. Their cross platform, online learning materials promote the creative use of software products from industry leaders such as Macromedia, Adobe, Apple, Sony and Discreet.

    In order to take advantage of the special deals offered to TCE clients, please contact us and we will arrange for an introduction to our partners in Northern Ireland.

    If you would like to partner with us, please contact us for more information

    — site by Gavin Dudeney

    — site by Gavin Dudeney

    (c) 2018, TCE Ltd.

    (c) 2018, TCE Ltd.

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