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    Clients & Projects


    Over the years we’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, including publishers, universities, app and software developers, charities, schools, online and blended course providers and more. We provide consultancy to a wide range of prestigious educational institutions and publishers. We have an outstanding track record in helping our clients find sustainable quality solutions for their specific educational challenges in the area of learning technologies. Here are some of the clients that we have worked with, and a summary of the solutions we have developed, enabling them to successfully resolve the challenges they faced. Please contact us if you would like further details about any of these projects.


    Universities & Institutions 
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    Our international consultancy work with universities and large educational institutions includes the creation of tailor-made training materials and digital products, and offering bespoke f2f and online training, as well as guidance in developing large-scale online communities of practice. In addition, we were one of the first consultancies to help universities set up educational spaces in the 3-D virtual world Second Life.

    • Laureate International Universities (US)
      Laureate Inc., USA

      Laureate International Universities approached us to help find a technology-based, educationally-sound solution to a dilemma. With several thousand English language teachers based in over 80 universities around the world, there was a pressing need for less qualified teachers to learn how to effectively deliver online and f2f language classes. Laureate also needed to create a robust online community for its large international network of teachers, with an integrated continual professional development component.

      What we did:

      • In consultation with Laureate stakeholders and teachers, we designed 150 hours of tailor-made, tutor-supported, online teacher training courses to ensure that Laureate teachers across the network learned about current best practices in language teaching, and were able to apply this knowledge to their own particular teaching contexts
      • We project managed writing teams for the online courses, and oversaw content development in the SmartBuilder platform, as well as sourcing and editing a wide range of video, audio and graphic assets
      • We trained key Laureate staff to deliver future iterations of these online training courses, ensuring self-sufficiency and sustainability across the network
      • We developed and seeded an online community around pedagogically-focused ‘missions’ to provide just-in-time training for teachers as a supplement to the formal online training courses
      • Currently, we run bespoke online teacher training courses in blended learning methodology, for specially selected Laureate teachers, and continue to consult for Laureate on a regular basis.

    • Basque Government Language Department - HABE (Spain)

      The Basque Language Development Department (HABE – Helduen Alfabetatze eta Berreuskalduntzerako Erakundea) is a Basque Government institution, dedicated to the promotion and teaching of the Basque language in this north-western region of Spain. HABE was keen to introduce blended language learning options into its Adult Education Institutes (Euskaltegis), and approached The Consultants-E for help in developing a strategic plan for roll out. We suggested initial training, and a staged and evaluated approach to roll out, and we designed and developed a tailor-made online teacher training course on blended learning approaches for Basque curriculum designers, materials writers and language teachers. Working closely with HABE directors, the training course was designed to take into account the local teaching context and Basque curricular materials. The training course was written in Spanish and delivered online by bilingual and fully qualified The Consultants-E trainers. As a result of this training, the Basque government has begun a staged roll out of blended learning options in its Adult Education Institutes across the country.

    • Sultan Qaboos University (Oman)
      Sultan Qaboos University

      SQU is the foremost university in Oman, with a large multicultural language teaching staff who work with students in all degree programmes. The university was keen for their language teachers to develop their digital literacies so as to integrate learning technologies into their teaching in a principled manner. We provided a tailor-made face-to-face training course over five days, with the aim of developing the teachers’ digital literacies within the context of teaching English to Omani university students. To promote sustainability, an in-house mentoring and development framework was set up to ensure that teachers were supported and continued to apply their newly-acquired digital skills to their teaching practice, so that learning continued well beyond the f2f training that we provided.

    • Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
      Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

      ZHAW is a large prestigious university near Zürich, with an English language department focused on teaching business English, and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). The university was keen for their language teachers to develop their digital literacies so as to integrate learning technologies into their teaching in a principled manner. The university also wanted to integrate a blended learning approach to the teaching of English on some of their degree courses, but were unsure of how to design language curricula for this. We provided a face-to-face training course over three days, with the primary aim of developing the teachers’ digital literacies within the context of business and ESP teaching, and aligned to the university language syllabi. We provided a further day of consultancy in which we examined the university curricula and assessment procedures, and worked with a small group of teachers to plan the staged integration of a blended learning approach with several pilot groups of students.

    • British Council (Global)
      British Council, UK

      The British Council is a UK government-funded educational body, which works with Ministries of Education, NGOs, and other educational bodies all over the world to promote English language learning and teacher training. We have been invited by The British Council to work on over 20 international education-based projects since the early 2000s, and we continue to work with them on a regular basis.

      What we did:
      With a wide range of educational projects, many of them in developing countries, our work with The British Council has always prioritised educational solutions that are sensitive to local contexts, sustainable, and scalable. For example:

      • Consultancy on British Council provision of online teacher training and development in Slovakia, as part of a countrywide rollout of digital materials for English teaching in Slovak primary schools funded by the Ministry of Education.
      • Consultancy and scoping visit to Palestine, followed by educational technology training for maths, science, Arabic, and English teachers from 53 schools in the West Bank, as part of a Palestinian Ministry of Education initiative
      • Consultancy on the design and development of a six-country virtual teachers’ support network, Access English, in South East Asia
      • Consultancy, development and delivery of bespoke online teacher training courses in English and in Spanish, for teachers in the Uruguayan OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) initiative ‘Plan Ceibal’, with the Uruguay Ministry of Education
      • International project consultants for the ‘Primary ICT’ (PICT) project, researching the application of ICT in primary school ELT in Korea, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia
      • Consultancy, scoping visit and research project in Russia, leading to the design of a new online teacher community for the entire country
      • Consultancy for a year-long research project into effective ICT use in primary and secondary education in ELT in Russia. Final report published in 2012
      • F2f training in social networking and digital literacies for 140 teachers and volunteers working in twenty-five English language winter camps across Chile, part of the Ministry of Education programme ‘Inglés Abre Puertas’
      • Consultancy on the global introduction of Moodle as The British Council corporate learning platform
      • Design and development of a closed Facebook community as communicative language support for adult learners of English in Chile. Part of a Chilean Ministry of Education initiative, the project included the development of a training package of activity types and online moderator best practice, to help moderators seed and develop an online community of practice
      • Design and delivery of online training courses in Internet project work for teachers involved in the English for Peacekeeping Purposes in Central and Eastern Europe
      • Consultancy on the digital wraparound for a f2f conference in the Middle East including conference website, social media presence, video interviews, live-streaming orientation, and the development of pre-, during- and post- conference dissemination strategies
      • Consultancy on format of the first ‘unconference’ in Russia, and presentations at same
      • Consultancy and materials development for the British Council’s eTwinning School partnership in Europe project, at both secondary and primary level
      • Design and delivery of f2f teacher training courses on the application of educational technologies, in over 30 countries with The British Council

    • NILE (UK)
      NILE, UK

      NILE is a well-respected accredited teacher training institute with an excellent track record in f2f training. NILE planned to start offering training courses online, and approached us for help in the design and delivery of online training.

      What we did:

      • We developed a curriculum and oversaw the writing and development of a new flexible and modular online MA in English Language Teaching for NILE, accredited by the University of Chichester (UK), and launched in 2014.
      • NILE and The Consultants-E were shortlisted for a 2015 British Innovation Award for this innovative online MA programme.

    • University of Oxford
      University of Oxford

      The University of Oxford Department of Education approached us in 2012 to develop a module on learning technologies for their Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching English Language in University Settings.

      What we did:

      • We developed an 80-hour Learning Technologies module for the course, with case study examples of best practice in the language classroom
      • We created a bibliography to reflect current trends in the field, and examples of tasks for online delivery of the course.

    • LSE (UK)
      London School of Economics

      The London School of Economics (LSE) approached us to explore the viability of an online presence in the 3D virtual world Second Life for the Spanish language department.

      What we did:

      • We consulted with key LSE stakeholders on the best fit for their needs
      • We oversaw the design and development of a 3D island sim in Second Life for the Spanish department
      • The consultancy also included training for Spanish language teachers and technical personnel, on best practices and effective task design for the delivery of synchronous (real time) language classes in a 3D virtual space

    • Other Universities

      Since the early 2000s, universities around the world have invited us to work with them to provide consultancy and training in current educational technologies. In consultation with our clients, we have delivered a range of services to address their specific needs and challenges.

      Cambridge University: Invited expert on a weekend think-tank into the future of professional English testing and assessment, and the role of educational technologies

      University of Westminster (UK): Design and delivery of a bespoke f2f training course on digital literacies for teachers and learners.

      University of Manchester (UK): Design of office space in Second Life for the School of Education. Presentation and meeting rooms, marketing displays and administrative tools.

      University of Strathclyde (Scotland): Design of office space in Second Life for the Department of Management Science. Presentation and meeting rooms, marketing displays and administrative tools.

      Bucks New University (UK): Design and delivery of online e-moderation training for key faculty members of the Dept. of Business, Dept. of Law and HRM, and the Dept. of Economics and Marketing.

      School for International Training (USA): Online training in e-moderation skills for key faculty in the Teacher Training and Professional Development Institute. Face to face training courses in the SIT Teacher Training Institute.

      Kaplan Education (USA): Design and development of an in-service online teacher training package for Kaplan language teachers.

      Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Canada): Design and development of Second Life Initial Training seminars. Design, landscaping and build of complete island sim for the Institute.

      Ozyegin University (Turkey): F2f workshops in the classroom application of educational technologies for faculty and teachers.

      Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece): Teacher training and development seminars for learners on an MA in Language Teaching.

      Ministry of Education (Cyprus): Design and delivery of a bespoke f2f course in new technologies for teachers , part of an initiative of the Ministry of Education and the Cypriot Teacher Association.

      EduFinland (Finland): Design of part of an island sim for the EduFinland group featuring landscaped gardens and beach area and sky platform with teaching zone and presentation tools.

    • BBC (UK)

      A series of podcasts with accompanying teaching materials to help learners worldwide keep their English up-to-date.

    • AMIDST (US)

      AMIDEAST is a non-profit educational institution that provides English language and professional skills training, educational advising, and testing services. To effectively support their large client base, we consulted with AMIDEAST on the establishment of teacher and learner online support communities for their clients in 13 countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

    • European Bioinformatics Institute (UK)

      The prestigious European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) is a centre for research and services in bioinformatics and is based in Cambridge (UK). EBI works with genomes, DNA and other biology related data in sets of complex databases. EBI approached us to develop effective online training materials for sequence, patent and literature search techniques on the EBI databases. Our solution consisted of designing and developing bespoke training materials, as well as short online courses to train key EBI staff in online teaching techniques, and using Moodle to support learning.

    • OVID Technologies

      Ovid Technologies specialises in providing information services to professionals and academics working in the field of medicine. Ovid Technologies approached us for a solution on how to best support their users online. Our solution consisted of the development of a series of innovative online training resources and Flash-based tutorials for their suite of database products.

    • Scottish Executive
      Scottish Executive

      Our work with The Scottish Executive involved the development of distributed online training materials in the field of Community Safety, as part of a larger consortium.

    Educational Publishers 
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    We work with many prestigious educational publishers as consultants. We help publishers understand how digital technology is fundamentally changing the nature of publishing, affecting digital and traditional print products. Our consultancy work with publishers has included the development of digital products, and digital competences frameworks, as well as guidance in how to prepare for an increasingly technological future.

    • Cambridge University Press
      Cambridge University Press

      Our early consultancy work with Cambridge University Press included project management of CD ROMs to accompany ELT textbooks, as well as digital materials development for coursebooks, and authoring one of the first methodology books about educational technologies (The Internet and the Language Classroom, by Gavin Dudeney, 2000). We have also provided online training in E-moderation skills for Joint Chief Assessors for Cambridge ESOL. More recent work includes working as a Consultant for the online Cambridge English Teacher platform, designing a Digital Competences Framework for Cambridge Language Assessment, delivering seminars for publishing staff about the impact of new technologies on educational publishing, and writing book chapters about developments in online and blended learning for two volumes in the prestigious Cambridge Guide series. We are also regular speakers at workshops, seminars and conferences for teachers, sponsored by Cambridge University Press.

    • Oxford University Press
      Oxford University Press

      Our consultancy work with Oxford University Press includes developing online learning materials for their Online Teachers Academy (launched in 2015), as well as consultancy visits and presentations with key publishing executives to guide OUP’s digital publishing strategies. We are also contributors to OUP’s English Language Teaching Journal (ELTJ), with a regular column about learning technologies research, as well as writers of a book (Focus on Learning Technologies) reviewing research into the application of technology in the K12 sector (primary and secondary schools) for a recent teacher development series.

      More recent work includes working as a Consultant on the Oxford University Press ELT Expert Panel, providing advice on pedagogic, assessment, and linguistic issues, and especially on the role of technology and data analytics in ELT material development and usage.

    • Pearson

      Our consultancy work with Pearson includes the design and development of online study materials for a series of teen coursebooks, as well as the publication of How to Teach English with Technology (Dudeney and Hockly, 2007), which won the prestigious Ben Warren International House Trust Prize in 2008. We have also given conference plenary talks, seminars, and short courses for teachers in Pearson’s Amazing Minds training series, all over the world, as well as consulting with Pearson publishing teams about the impact of new technologies on digital publishing.

    • Routledge

      We have given seminars and workshops for Routledge in several counties. In 2013 we published the innovative title Digital Literacies (Dudeney, Hockly & Pegrum), which was shortlisted for a British Council Innovation Award, and for the Ben Warren International House Trust Prize, and won the 2014 British Council/Society of Authors Writing Award. In addition, we have written chapters for collected volumes such as the Routledge Handbook of Language Learning and Technology (2016).

    • Macmillan
      Macmillan Publishing

      Our early consultancy work with Macmillan (then Heinemann) included conference plenary talks, seminars, and short training courses in learning technologies for teachers. More recently, we have written articles and lesson plans on mobile and handheld learning (in a series called Mobile English), for Macmillan's Onestop English website.

    • National Geographic
      National Geographic

      We have delivered several conference plenary talks for National Geographic/Cengage Learning in Latin America, and have published two innovative methodology books for teachers (DELTA Publishing, distributed by National Geographic / Cengage Learning), Teaching Online (Hockly & Clandfield 2010), and Going Mobile (Hockly & Dudeney 2014). Both of these books were shortlisted for British Council Innovation Awards, in 2011 and 2015 respectively.

    • Richmond / Santillana (Spain)
      Richmond & Santillana

      Our work with Santillana has included the design and development of a series of WebQuests for secondary school science projects. We also consulted on the structure, content and technology for the Net Languages project (the world's first online language school) in collaboration with International House and Santillana.

    Language Schools 
    My Image

    We have worked with a large number of internationally recognised language schools. Our consultancy work with schools has included guiding and supporting the development of strategic implementation plans to ensure an effective and sustainable use of a range of educational technologies. Our work has also involved bespoke online training course design, developing and providing training, and embedding continual professional development frameworks to ensure uptake of learning technologies within the institution.

    • BELL (UK)
      BELL Cambridge

      A well-known teaching institution in the UK offering Cambridge ESOL accredited teacher training courses, Bell approached us to review and redesign their DELTA course modules. We redesigned the course for mobile first, ensuring that content looked attractive across mobile devices and desktops, and we refocused course content and designed tasks around a socio-constructivist approach to learning. The course tutors were invited to take part in the development process to ensure buy-in to the project, and to ensure a sustainable and effective implementation of the new materials and approach post-project.

    • International House (UK, global)
      International House

      We have worked with this prestigious worldwide organisation since the early 1990s, as teachers and trainers, and as consultants in the application of educational technologies at institutional level. Our work has included

      • consultancy on the implementation of a learning platform for the worldwide organisation
      • adaptation of their f2f Language Teaching Management course to online delivery
      • set-up and customisation of Moodle for course management, and training for key staff to design and deliver a new suite of online course
      • development of online TKT (Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test) course in Moodle, for International House Dubai
      • designed and delivered the Blended Cert ICT course (validated by Trinity College London) in partnership with International House Barcelona and International House London

    • Study Group (UK, US, Australia)
      Study Group

      A large, well-established consortium of language schools based in the UK, USA and Australia, Study Group needed to develop an online support network for their teachers. We designed and delivered an online ‘eNetworks’ training course for Study group teachers worldwide, leading to the establishment of a robust in-company online community of practice to underpin a sustainable and ongoing approach to continual professional development.

    • East Berkshire College (UK)
      East Berkshire College

      Like many educational institutions, East Berkshire College were interested in introducing blended learning choices for their students. Unsure of how to go about this, the college invited us to carry out a consultancy and scoping visit. After talking to key stakeholders and examining their existing systems and infrastructure, we were able to assist the college in a planned transition to a more blended model of instruction, including changes to infrastructure, technology and pedagogy so as to ensure uptake and sustainability.

    • ELC Bristol
      ELC Bristol

      The English Language Centre Bristol were keen for their students and teachers to use mobile devices in the classroom, but were unsure of where to start. In consultation with teachers and managers, we designed a strategic implementation plan for the school, to ensure the effective rollout of a mobile-device based approach to teaching and learning, emphasising an approach that supported learning based on strong pedagogical principles. The consultancy also provided key recommendations for upgrading student and teacher EdTech hardware provision, plus teacher training.

    • Anglo European (UK)
      Anglo European

      This well-established language school in Bournemouth was interested in investing in class sets of iPads to support classroom learning. Our consultancy work with the school included working with the school on the economic, technological and pedagogical factors surrounding an iPad initiative, as well as providing training and support for teachers, so as to embed best practice as part of a wider strategic continual professional development plan at institutional level.

    • English UK (UK)
      English UK

      English UK is the national association of accredited English Language centres in the UK, and one of the world's leading language teaching associations. We are contracted by English UK on a regular basis to run training days and workshops, and to give conference presentations for English UK’s annual conferences in England and Scotland. English UK also accredits our Cert ICT and Cert IBET online training courses.

    • Cultura Inglesa (Brazil)
      Cultura Inglesa

      This chain of prestigious private language schools is considered to be one of the best in Brazil. We provided consultancy on the development and implementation of a sustainable mobile learning strategy in Cultural Inglesa schools in the Rio region.

    • Oxford TEFL (Spain)
      Oxford TEFL

      A well-known language school based in Barcelona and Prague. We designed and delivered a set of f2f workshops in the classroom application of educational technologies for teachers, delivered over a period of four months in Barcelona.

    • ESADE (Spain)

      ESADE is a top business and management school affiliated to the prestigious Ramon Lull University in Barcelona. We have worked with ESADE on numerous occasions, designing and delivering teacher development courses, seminars and workshops for teachers on the principled application of learning technologies into their teaching practice. We have also consulted with faculty on their long-term educational technology development strategy, as well as leading seminars in this area for stakeholders.

    • NELC (Spain)

      NELC is a business training organisation based in Barcelona, specialising in in-company language training. NELC had a strong interest in developing a comprehensive blended and online learning strategy, and approached us for help. In consultation with stakeholders, and based on a needs analysis of their clients, we helped NELC develop a principled strategic blended learning plan, which included supporting NELC in choosing and customizing a platform for the delivery of online learning, materials development, and support and training for teachers. Here is what they had to say:

      "The experience of The Consultants-E as teachers and teacher trainers, as well as being experts in EdTech, is vital for us. They are able to explain tools and techniques that help us adapt our teaching methodology to the digital world… Training and support for our staff if part of our 'raison d'être'. It's essential that we have experts like yourselves to motivate us to take on new technological challenges, try out new ideas and share our experiences. The Consultants-E's knowledge, experience and enthusiasm have not only helped us to become more digitally-skilled but also encouraged us to embrace technology and put it at the heart of our teaching and our course design. Highly recommended!"

    • Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Spain)
      EOI Drassanes

      The Spanish government-funded Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Official Languages School) in Barcelona approached us for help in how to design pedagogically sound language learning materials for online delivery. We created a f2f training project to equip teachers with the necessary skills to develop their own pedagogically sound online materials for the EOI virtual learning platform, and to embed sustainable practices in materials design within the organisation.

    • CLM Bell (Italy)
      CLM Bell

      Part of the well-known international Bell Schools, we have been invited several times by CLM Bell to design and deliver a series of f2f workshops in the classroom application of educational technologies for their teachers in Trento.

    • English 360 (online)
      English 360

      An established online company offering online learning materials and resources for Business English learners. Prior to launch, we were approached by English360 to consult on the design and development of seed materials for their tailor-made virtual learning platform. We also developed teacher training materials and video tutorials, and more recently we designed an English 360 app interface for iPad and iPhone.

    • Avatar Languages (online)
      Avatar Languages

      A fully online language school offering classes in English, Spanish, and Aymara. With trained language teachers living in a number of different countries (mainly in Latin America), the school needed a virtual space for teachers to meet and share teaching ideas and materials. Our consultancy involved the development and seeding of an online teacher development site, as well as training for an administrator to manage and develop the online space, to ensure long-term sustainability.

    European Union 
    My Image

    We have been involved in a number of European Union-funded educational projects within the Socrates, Comenius and Grundtvig initiatives, both as project partners, and as external assessors.

    • European Union
      European Union

      LIPS: Linguistic and Intercultural Preparation of Students for the workplace (2007 - 2008)
      Design and build of an educational project space in Second Life.

      MiCALL (2004 - 2007)
      External evaluators for Comenius 2.1 European project in teacher training, MiCALL, which promotes the development for and dissemination of knowledge on teacher competencies involved in designing language learning arrangements for distributed learners.

      Teaching Culture! (2004 - 2006)
      External evaluators for Grundtvig 1 online project for teachers in adult education, focussing on the development of online intercultural teaching materials.

      ELTAE (2004)
      External evaluators for Grundtvig 1.1 European project in teacher training.

      Open Sesame (2000)
      Development of standardised descriptors for online portfolio preparation.

    — site by Gavin Dudeney

    — site by Gavin Dudeney

    (c) 2018, TCE Ltd.

    (c) 2018, TCE Ltd.

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