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Course Description

Growing numbers of students expect a choice in where and how they learn. This includes being able to learn fully online or in blended mode (part face-to-face and part online), whatever the subject matter. Today’s teachers are increasingly expected to know how to teach their students online effectively. Our Teaching Live Online course gives you the skills and confidence to teach synchronously (that is, in real time, or 'live') online in a principled and effective manner.

How does the course benefit you professionally?

  • Develop your professionalism. This fully online course gives you the skills and confidence to use videoconferencing to teach your students in real time, in a principled and effective manner. It adds to your language teaching qualifications and enhances your CV.
  • Increase your employability. The course increases your employment prospects by developing your skill set and helping you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Update your teaching. The course helps you learn to use current and popular videoconferencing platforms, and it increases your teaching repertoire with a range of exciting new activities and techniques for teaching live online classes.
  • Join the community. The course enables you to join the growing numbers of teachers who use technology effectively and confidently to teach live online classes.
  • Market yourself online. The course helps you learn how to market yourself as an online teacher, to attract new students and clients.


  • Who is the course for?

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    Teaching Live Online is for teachers and trainers of English and/or of other languages, but is also suitable for teachers from other disciplines. If you want to learn how to teach students online in real time (i.e. live) via videoconferencing, this is the ideal course for you.

    The course is suitable for teachers and trainers worldwide, whether you are new to online teaching, or whether you already have some experience of teaching live online classes. You will leave this course with a wealth of new ideas, tasks, techniques, approaches and tools for teaching students live online.

  • What is the course about?

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    The course looks at the range of skills needed to teach live online classes via videoconferencing, particularly in the field of ELT (English Language Teaching), although the skills and knowledge you acquire on the course are easily transferable to other disciplines.

    During the course, you will:

    • work with a range of free or low-cost online videoconferencing platforms

    • learn how to design pedagogically sound lessons for live online classes

    • learn how to deliver effective lessons via videoconferencing

    • learn how to manage online groups while videoconferencing

    • learn about effective task design for live online teaching

    • learn how to integrate the features of videoconferencing platforms (e.g. text chat, whiteboard, polls, breakout rooms, etc.) into your live online classes so as to support your students’ learning

    • learn how to assess students’ contributions and work in live online classes

    • learn how to support your students’ learning in live online classes with pre-and post-lesson work

    • learn about best practice in live online teaching

    • learn how to market yourself as an online teacher

    The course is hands-on and firmly based on applying what you learn to practice. You leave the course confident not only in using videoconferencing tools with your learners, but also with a clear understanding of how to design and deliver effective live online classes for individual students and for groups of students.

  • How is the course structured?

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    You will follow the course entirely online in Moodle, working individually, in pairs, and in small groups with a tutor. You are fully supported by your tutor throughout the course. You will also take part in several group videoconferencing sessions, and you will get an opportunity to experiment with running videoconferencing sessions yourself.

    There are two course modules, each corresponding to one week’s work, and with a total of 15 hours over two weeks:

    - Integrating live online classes into the syllabus
    - Best practice
    - Designing and planning live lessons
    - Delivering live lessons
    - Videoconferencing session 1

    - Exploiting videoconferencing platforms & features to deliver effective lessons
    - One-to-one live classes
    - Plan a live lesson: effective task design
    - Assessing student work
    - Marketing yourself as an online teacher
    - Videoconferencing sessions 2 & 3

  • What are the key features of the course?

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    The Consultants-E is one of the most experienced and highly-regarded online providers of quality online training for teachers. Our Teaching Live Online course has several unique features:

    • The course develops your practical knowledge about live online teaching. It is a valuable indicator to potential employers and students that you are able to teach live classes online effectively.

    • The course is hands on and practical. You learn about and try out live online teaching techniques and videoconferencing platforms during the course.

    • The course is aimed at teachers from any discipline, including language teaching. The live online teaching skills you acquire are transferable to any discipline or subject area.

    • The course helps you understand the best ways to market yourself as an online teacher, so that you can attract a large client base, and work towards 100% online teaching if you so wish.

    • The course is run fully online in Moodle, so you save significantly on the accommodation fees, travel etc. associated with f2f (face to face) training courses, and you can continue to work while you take the course.

    • By taking the course online, you have the opportunity to experience online learning firsthand in the hugely popular virtual learning environment Moodle.

    • You also experience a number of free or low cost videoconferencing tools firsthand.

    • Our course participants come from literally all over the world. Working closely with your course colleagues online, you meet and work with teachers and trainers from a wide range of contexts and countries.

    • Groups of more than 12 participants have two tutors. Our course has one of the highest participant to tutor ratios of any online course available. Maximum group size is 15, so you are assured of individualised and constant tutor support.

    • Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced language teachers and trainers themselves, and they also have years of experience of (and are fully qualified in) online moderating.

    • We are experienced online teacher training providers, having run our online courses since 2003, and we receive consistently excellent feedback from our participants. See our past participant feedback (see ‘What do people say about the course?’ below).

    • The course fully prepares you for teaching live classes online - a key area of expertise in today’s competitive market.

  • Who are the course tutors?

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    Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced language teachers and trainers, with years of experience of moderating online teacher training courses. All our tutors have language teaching backgrounds (e.g. teaching general English, business English, ESP, primary and secondary-school learners, one-to-one, and teacher training) and have worked in a range of contexts and countries. Many of our tutors are prize-winning methodology and coursebook authors and materials writers. Feedback for the tutors on all of our courses is consistently excellent, and they are experts in providing guidance and support online, as well as being highly knowledgeable in the fields of language teaching and online learning.

    You can find out more about our tutors on our Team page.

  • How many weeks is the course?

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    The course lasts two weeks. You are expected to spend approx. 7-8 hours per week on online individual and collaborative group work, including offline reading and reflection. Deadlines for task completion are weekly, and you can log on at any point during the week to work on the course. There are regular timetabled online videoconferencing sessions, and the times of these are negotiated to suit everyone. You will receive a detailed study timetable to help you organise your workload effectively once you have enrolled on the course.

  • What do I need for the course?

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    You won’t need any prior experience or knowledge of online tutoring, although very basic experience of email and Internet use would be helpful.

    In terms of hardware and software, you need:

    - An Internet connection, preferably broadband
    - A headset (preferably with a USB connection)
    - A webcam (your computer may have an in-built camera)
    - An up-to-date browser
    - Adobe Acrobat Reader
    - An up-to-date media player (e.g. Windows Media Player or similar)
    - A word processing package (e.g. Microsoft Word or similar)

    You need competence in written and spoken English, whether English is your first, second or foreign language. Your level of competence in English must be of a standard sufficient to enable you to fully understand and complete the course work (e.g. minimum B1 on the CEFR).

    You will use a number of online videoconferencing platforms for chats with course colleagues and your tutor several times during the course – the exact time for these sessions is negotiated with the group. To take part in a videoconferencing session you will need a headset with microphone. If you have a webcam, you may want to connect that during the videoconferencing session, but this is optional – you will be able to see and hear your tutor even if you only have a headset. Videoconferencing sessions are always recorded which means that even if you can’t attend all of them, you will be able to watch the recording later online, in your own time.

  • Do I get a certificate?

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    The Consultants-E will issue you with a Certificate on successful completion of the course. Successful completion of the course is defined as completing a minimum of 80% of the course work, and attending two out of three of the live videoconferencing cessions.

  • How do I enrol and pay?

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    You can enrol online via the enrolment form. You can then pay the course fee online via PayPal, or by bank transfer. The course fee covers all course content and documentation, videoconferencing sessions, full tutor support and ongoing feedback.

    Past participants on our other online training courses are offered a 15% discount on the course fee. Please choose the appropriate option at checkout.

    We use PayPal as our secure online payment service. PayPal are trusted worldwide for Internet transactions. We do not store your credit card details in any way. This increases your privacy and makes your purchase more secure.

    Under European Union legislation, you have the right to cancel within seven days of our contract with you. If you cancel your enrolment you will have your payment returned. To be refunded please provide full details of your enrolment including all reference numbers and PayPal correspondence to enrolments@theconsultants-e.com.

    We are occasionally obliged to cancel a planned course if we do not have the minimum required number of participants (six). Cancellation will normally occur two- three days in advance of the course start date. In the event of a course cancellation you will be offered the opportunity to have a full refund, roll your enrolment over to the next course date, or transfer to another course with a discount.

  • What happens if I have to defer?

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    A deferral means that you leave one iteration of a course and join another at a later date, and we are obliged to levy a series of deferral fees to cover associated administrative and tutoring costs in all such cases. Note that deferrals are only granted in exceptional circumstances (bereavement, long-term illness, relocation, etc.) and on receipt of concrete supporting evidence. When you join a new iteration of your course you will need to pay the deferral fee to join it.

    How are Deferral Fees Calculated?
    Deferral fees are calculated to cover associated administrative costs, costs connected with our contractual obligations to tutor(s) assigned to your course, and with how much of the course you may already have done at the time of deferral.

    You will also need to cover bank or PayPal transfer costs as appropriate (note that our bank does not charge for transfers within the UK, but has a standing charge of £17.00 for any international transfer, whilst PayPal will apply a fee based on the quantity of money transferred, and the destination).

    The deferral fee needs to be paid within one month of a deferral being granted. You then have up to one year (twelve calendar months) in which to take the course again. If more than twelve months elapse between your deferral and enrolling on the course again, you will need to pay the full course fee, and start the course from the beginning as a new participant. Previous work will not be validated in this case.

    What are the fees?
    The deferral fee - how much you will need to pay to join a future iteration of your course - will be calculated as a combination of administrative costs, tutor costs, bank and associated charges and a fee based on how much of the course you have done at the time of referral.

    - less than 50% of the current course done
    -> 25% fee to be paid for the next course you join

    - more than 50% of the course done
    -> 50% fee to be paid for the next course you join

  • What if I need a refund?

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    Before the Course Starts
    If you need to cancel before the course starts, we are able to offer the following refunds:

    - if you cancel more than two weeks before the course starts, you get a 100% refund
    - if you cancel less than two weeks before the course starts, you get a 75% refund

    After the Course has Started
    Generally speaking, by the time your course starts we will have invested time and money in the administration of the course, in contracting one of our tutors and agreeing terms and conditions for their tutoring time and they will already have spent time working with you on the course. This makes it very difficult for us to issue refunds after a course has started, and we will only be able to do so in special unforeseen circumstances (long-term illness, bereavement or similar), and with concrete evidence to support a refund application. In such circumstances we can offer the following refunds, based on how much of the course you have already had access to:

    - if you have completed less than 25% of the course, you get a 50% refund
    - if you have completed less than 50% of the course, you get a 25% refund
    - if you have completed more than 50% of the course, you get 00% refund

    Please note that these exceptional refunds are calculated after tutor costs and bank charges have been deducted.

    In most cases, issuing a refund will incur increased bank charges, so we do offer the possibility of keeping the refund in credit with us to put towards another course in the subsequent twelve months, or transferring the credit to a friend or colleague for their use when enrolling with us. Please ask us about this option when asking for a refund.

  • What do people say about the course?

    Open or Close

    • Overall, I absolutely loved this course. I think this is probably just the right course for anyone who has never done a course like this, though what was amazing was that people who were extremely knowledgeable about CMC were contributing and enjoying it as well. (...) It has been a great experience, and if you never changed anything in this course would still be great. Many many thanks.
      Dr. Amos Paran
      Institute of Education, University of London, UK
    • The course was very professionally managed and it was nice to see how this week’s tasks all miraculously appeared each week! (…) Keep up the great work and I can’t think of two people who could do a better job at informing and helping ELT professionals to learn more about the advantages of e-learning.
      George Pickering
      Freelance Trainer and Coach, UK
    • Perfect, IMHO. Not too much (interaction with tutors), but enough to keep things moving. Great work by the tutors in leading by example in the chat. (…) This was a real eye opener to the world of virtual learning. I feel much better equipped now to begin my own work as an online tutor. Thanks a lot Nicky and Gavin!
      Lindsay Clandfield
      Freelance Teacher Trainer and Author, Spain
    • I heard about this course from a friend who is a language consultant and she told me it was the best emoderation course available. I have thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on approach of the course and feel it is excellent value for money considering the tutor contact time and the quality of the course design and content. It is one of the best courses that I have ever done. Thank you The Consultants-E!
      Bryony Rayhan
      Freelance Teacher Trainer, Bangladesh
    • I feel that this course has prepared me well for future e-moderation roles through careful focus on on-line tutor skills and various principles of on-line learning and assessment.
      Helen Legge
      Teacher and Co-ordinator, British Council, Italy
    • I loved it! Learned loads, not just about e-moderating and all those e-tools, but about all sorts of things related to work load management and keeping my cool. I also found it extremely useful to be a participant, it's so rare these days - it's a truly scary place to be and I'l remember that! I feel I progressed at a steady pace, I tried when possible to put into practice as many ideas and suggestions as I could.
      Sandie Mourao
      Early years language learning consultant, Portugal
    • This course is definitely one of the best online courses I've ever experienced. Now I am confident to say that I have seen the overall and vivid picture of being an E-moderator and ready to implement such skills into my teaching contexts.
      Tien Mai
      Lecturer of English, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Vietnam


Course Details

Next start date

14/09/17 - 28/09/17

Available dates

14/09/17 - 28/09/17
14/11/17 - 27/11/17
15/01/18 - 29/01/18
09/04/18 - 23/04/18

Course length

2 weeks | 15 hours

Course fees


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