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Course Description

Language teachers need increasingly specialised skills and knowledge to be able to work effectively with business English clients. Companies (and their Human Resources Departments) increasingly expect business English trainers to be highly skilled and well qualified. The online CertIBET: Certificate in International Business English Training gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to use a range of approaches, techniques, technologies and tools with your business English clients, in a principled and effective manner.

How does the course benefit you professionally?

  • Develop your professionalism. The CertIBET is an international qualification jointly managed and validated by English UK and Trinity College London. It adds to your language teaching qualifications and enhances your CV.
  • Increase your employability. The CertIBET increases your employment prospects by developing your skill set and helping you to teach business English more effectively.
  • Update your teaching. The CertIBET gets you up to speed with current approaches to teaching business English, and increases your teaching repertoire with a range of exciting new activities, techniques and tools.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Our online CertIBET includes a focus on how to integrate learning technologies effectively into your business English training in a principled manner, giving you a clear competitive edge over other business English trainers.
  • Join the community. Our online CertIBET gives you the skills to join the growing numbers of business English trainers who use technology effectively to offer online and blended options to their clients.
  • Secure your future. Our CertIBET gives you the tools to keep abreast of new developments in business English training, ensuring your future teaching prospects.


  • Who is the CertIBET for?

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    The CertIBET: Certificate in International Business English Training is an internationally recognised certificate, jointly managed and validated by English UK and Trinity College London. The course is for teachers and trainers of English who hold an initial ELT/TESOL qualification. If you have already started your ELT teaching career, and wish to further enhance your skills and expertise in the delivery of business English training, the CertIBET is the ideal course for you. The CertIBET is suitable for teachers of business English (BE) worldwide, whatever your level of experience in BE teaching. It is also aimed at general English teachers who may want to become involved in BE teaching. Whether you teach one-to-one, in-company, at a Business Studies college or university, or in any other BE context, and whether you are new to BE teaching or not, you will leave this course with a clear idea of what BE teaching entails, and plenty of new ideas, tools, approaches and techniques to use with your own BE clients.

  • What is the CertIBET about?

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    The CertIBET: Certificate in International Business English Training aims to meet your needs as a business English trainer by enhancing your skills and expertise, increasing your employability prospects in the sector, and improving your ability to deliver a quality product to potential clients. The CertIBET course looks at a range of essential principles, skills, techniques, tools and resources for teaching business English.

    The aims of the CertIBET are:

    • to build your confidence, knowledge and understanding of business English in order to further your career.

    • to help you understand, identify and respond effectively to the communication and language needs of learners and organisations.

    • to help you develop and deliver BE programmes that produce effective and measurable outcomes in addressing the communication and language needs of learners and organisations.

    • to show you how to select, employ and evaluate a range of methods, approaches, materials, resources and techniques appropriate to varied business English contexts.

    • to deepen your understanding of the changing nature of international communication and enhance your opportunities to participate effectively in the global workplace.

    • to develop your familiarity with the concepts, skills, lexis and discourse of business and professional English.

    The course is hands-on and firmly based in your own teaching practice. You leave the course confident not only in using a range of tools and techniques appropriate to working with business English clients, but also with an increased awareness of broader issues at play when teaching business English.

  • How is the online CertIBET structured?

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    The online CertIBET consists of a total of 70 hours of online training in Moodle. The course takes place over 10 weeks, and has an additional one-week break. Each week of the course corresponds to one module. Each module focuses on a key area in BE training and includes a look at key ‘Business Skills’ that as a BE teacher, you need to know how to develop with your learners. The course also includes four ‘real time’ videoconferencing sessions with your tutor and course colleagues.

    The course is structured as follows:

    Module 1: Introduction to Business English Teaching
    Introduction to the course; definitions of Business English (BE); BE settings & contexts; BE trends; BE learners’ needs, motivations, characteristics & expectations
    Business Skills: socialising and networking

    Module 2: Business English Needs Analysis, Content & Research
    Learner needs analyses; Company needs analyses; Content negotiation; Research techniques; ESP
    Business Skills: meetings
    Videoconference 1

    Module 3: Business English Course & Syllabus Design
    Setting learning goals; Performance-based learning; Course & Syllabus design; Developing schemes of work; Lesson planning & timetabling
    Business Skills: negotiations I

    Module 4: Business English Course Delivery
    Delivery modes; Blended approaches; Lexical, discovery & task-based approaches; BE course books
    Business Skills: negotiations II

    Module 5: Business English Approaches and Techniques
    Business English course types; Lexical, discovery and task-based approaches
    Business Skills: job interviews

    Module 6: Business English Course Materials
    Using course books & published materials; Adapting and creating authentic & supplementary materials; Using Web-based materials; Using the learner as a resource / a dogme approach; Copyright Issues
    Business Skills: virtual communication I
    Videoconference 2

    Module 7: Business English & Globalisation
    Globalisation; English as a Lingua Franca and language corpora; CEFR levels; Local contexts and needs; Learner autonomy and learning strategies; Coaching learners and giving feedback
    Business Skills: presentations

    Module 8: Business English & Culture
    Understanding culture; Cross-cultural awareness & training; Simulations, role plays & case studies
    Business Skills: virtual communication II
    Videoconference 3

    Module 9: Evaluation & Assessment
    Assessment types; Evaluating and measuring course objectives; Learner feedback; HR & company feedback; BE public exams
    Business Skills: business writing

    Module 10: Business English & New Technologies
    ICT tools for BE teachers; Web 2.0; Giving lessons via Skype; BE teacher development online; Marketing yourself as a Business English Trainer; Course review
    Business Skills: telephoning and teleconferencing
    Videoconference 4

  • How does the online CertIBET work in practice?

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    The CertIBET takes place fully online in our specially designed mobile-compatible Moodle VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), and is offered several times a year. The ten course modules are structured around weekly deadlines, and you are in constant and close contact with your course colleagues and your tutor throughout the course. The modules are very highly tutor-supported: groups of 10+ participants have two tutors. You also attend regular synchronous (or ‘real time’) videoconferencing sessions with your tutor and course colleagues, to help you reflect upon and deepen your understanding of the course content.
    During the online CertIBET, you are expected to spend at least 7 to 8 hours per week on online individual, pair and collaborative group work, including offline reading and reflection. Deadlines for task completion are weekly, and you can log on at any point during the week to work on the course (note that, at times, pair and group work tasks have mid-week deadlines). There are no 'fixed' times to be online to complete your weekly work, apart from regular timetabled online videoconferencing sessions; the dates and times of these are negotiated to suit everyone on the course. Some of the weekly tasks are optional, to help you with the workload.

    After completing your course work, you have a further 12 weeks in which to write and submit a CertIBET essay for assessment (see How is the CertIBET assessed?)

  • What are the key features of the online CertIBET?

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    The Consultants-E was one of the first providers to offer an online CertIBET, with the first course launched in January 2009. We are one of the most experienced and highly-regarded providers of quality online training for language teachers. Our online CertIBET has a pass rate of 98% (including referrals) to date, with almost 30% of teachers taking the course achieving a Distinction grade.

    In addition to this, our online CertIBET has several unique features:

    • The CertIBET is an internationally recognised qualification, and provides a valuable asset to you in developing your business English (BE) teaching skills. It is also a valuable indicator to potential employers that you are able to teach business English learners effectively.

    • Our online CertIBET is hands on and practical – you learn about and can try out new techniques, approaches and tools during the course, with your own BE clients.

    • Our online CertIBET is run fully online in Moodle. As an online course, you save significantly on the accommodation fees, travel etc. associated with f2f (face to face) training courses.

    • You can continue to work while you take the online CertIBET.

    • The ten modules of the online CertIBET take place over 10 weeks, with an additional one-week break, so you have time to try out new ideas with your own BE clients in your own context while taking the course. Learning can be immediately applied to practice, and there is time to reflect on and digest the course content.

    • By taking the CertIBET online, you have the opportunity to experience firsthand online learning in the hugely popular virtual learning environment Moodle.

    • Our course participants come from literally all over the world. Working closely with your course colleagues online, you meet and work with BE language teachers and trainers from a wide range of contexts and countries.

    • Groups of more than 10 participants have two tutors. Our CertIBET has one of the highest participant to tutor ratios of any online course available. Maximum group size is 15, so you are assured of individualised and constant tutor support.

    • Our CertIBET tutors are highly qualified and experienced BE teachers and trainers themselves, and they also have years of experience of (and are fully qualified in) online moderating.

    • Our online CertIBET looks at business technologies such as virtual communication tools, as well as educational technologies such as wikis, podcasts and blogs and examines how these can be applied to business English teaching. You will also have the opportunity to practice taking part and leading a videoconferencing session.

    • Our online CertIBET places special emphasis on new technologies and mobile and blended learning for BE teaching, key areas of expertise in today’s competitive market.

    • The Consultants-E is an experienced online teacher training provider, having run online courses since 2003, and consistently receiving excellent feedback from participants. See our past participant feedback (see ‘What do people say about the course?’ below).

  • Who are the course tutors?

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    Our online CertIBET tutors are highly qualified and experienced business English teachers and trainers, with years of experience of moderating online teacher training courses. Our tutors have language teaching backgrounds (e.g. teaching general English, business English, ESP, one-to-one), are experienced teacher trainers, and specialise in teaching business English. Many of our tutors are prize-winning methodology and coursebook authors and materials writers. Feedback for the tutors on our CertIBET courses is consistently excellent, and they are experts in providing guidance and support online, as well as being highly knowledgeable in the fields of BE teaching and online learning.

    You can find out more about our tutors on our Team page.

  • How is the CertIBET assessed?

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    You first need to complete a minimum of 80% of the online course work to an acceptable standard and within the time frame of the course. The CertIBET is then formally assessed by a post-course written assignment of 3,000 - 4,000 words. You can choose from a number of assignment titles, which are published each year by English UK. The assignment titles will be made available to you at the beginning of the course. Assignments must be submitted for moderation no later than 12 weeks after the end of the course.

    The assignments are externally assessed by English UK and Trinity College London, and a Pass with Distinction, Pass, or Fail grade is awarded. In some cases, your course work may be taken into account in the assigning of grades by the external moderator. Participants who do not complete all the course work within the stipulated course dates, or submit an assignment, may still complete the course. However, they will not be awarded an English UK / Trinity College London CertIBET Certificate, regardless of whether they have paid the external moderator fee.

  • What are the entry requirements for the CertIBET

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    To apply for the CertIBET, you need to be qualified as a language teacher OR have one year’s full-time teaching experience.

    Qualifications: You must hold an initial ELT teaching certificate in ELT/TESOL e.g. Trinity Licentiate Cert TESOL, Cambridge RSA CTEFLA/CELTA or an equivalent qualification that can be demonstrated to meet the following criteria: the course will have contained at least 100 hours of ELT/TESOL input, at least six hours of observed teaching practice and have been externally validated by a reputable examining body (normally a university or recognised examination board). If you hold this qualification, you do not need any previous teaching experience.

    Teaching experience: If you do NOT hold an initial teaching qualification, you must have a minimum of one year’s full-time ELT/TESOL practical teaching experience (minimum of 15 hours per week and 32 weeks per year). Experience of business or of teaching business English is not essential although familiarity and ease with common business terminology, concepts and skills would be advantageous.

    English proficiency: You must have competence in written and spoken English, whether English is your first, second or foreign language. Your level of competence in English must be of a standard sufficient to enable you to fully understand and complete the course work. The minimum level of English language qualification accepted must be equivalent to IELTS 7.0, Cambridge Advanced, TOEFL - 627 (paper-based), 263 (computer-based), 107 (internet-based) or CEFR C1. In some cases, you may be asked to provide documented evidence of an English language qualification. In the absence of a recognised language qualification, a telephone interview and/or a sample of your written work may be requested.

    Group work: You must be willing to work co-operatively as part of a group, and to complete short pair and group work tasks online in a timely manner during the course.

  • What are the technical skills & requirements for the CertIBET?

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    You won’t need any prior experience or knowledge of online learning, although basic experience of email and Internet use is expected.

    In terms of hardware and software, you need:

    - An Internet connection, preferably broadband
    - A headset (best is with a USB connection)
    - A webcam is optional
    - An up-to-date browser
    - Adobe Acrobat Reader
    - An up-to-date media player (e.g. Windows Media Player or similar)
    - A word processing package (e.g. Microsoft Word or similar)

    You will use an online videoconferencing platform for chats with course colleague and your tutor several times during the course – the exact time for this is negotiated with the group. To take part in a videoconferencing session you will need a headset with microphone. If you have a webcam, you may want to connect that during the videoconferencing session, but this is optional – you will be able to see and hear your tutor even if you only have a headset. Videoconferencing sessions are always recorded which means that even if you can’t attend, you will be able to watch the recording later online, in your own time.

  • How much does the course cost?

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    The fee for the online CertIBET covers all course content and documentation, videoconferencing sessions, full tutor support and ongoing feedback. There is a separate Trinity College London moderation fee of £160. This is paid by The Consultants-E directly to Trinity College London on your behalf when you enrol in the course, and it is for the external assessment of your CertIBET assignment.

    Early Bird Rate: If you enrol and pay a £100 course deposit more than one month in advance of the course start date, you can take advantage of a 10% discount on the CertIBET course fee.

    Past Participant Rate: If you have already done an online course with us, you can take advantage of a 15% discount on the CertIBET course fee.





    Standard Rate




    Early Bird Rate
    (10% discount)




    Past Participant
    (15% discount)




    NOTE: Only one discount may be applied to a course fee at any given time (this includes promotional vouchers, coupon codes, etc.) Please choose the correct payment option on the payment page.

    For any other offers or vouchers you may have received, please contact us before paying…

  • How do I enrol & pay?

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    First ensure you fulfil the admission requirements by filling in the CertIBET online enrolment form. We have a number of payment options:

    Early Bird Discount: pay a £100 (non-refundable) course deposit more than one month in advance of the course start date, to take advantage of a 10% discount on the CertIBET course fee

    Past Participants Discount: pay the Past Participant Discount rate (15%) if you have done an online course with us in the past

    Full Fee: pay the standard course fee if the course starts in less than one calendar month

    Note: We are unable to offer any discounts on the Trinity Moderation Fee of £160, which needs to be paid in full before your course starts. Fees can be paid online via PayPal, or via bank transfer.

    - Go to PayPal payment options
    - Contact us for the bank transfer option

    If you would like to be awarded the CertIBET certificate, you will also need to pay the separate English UK / Trinity moderation fee before the course start date. You can pay for both of these at the same time.

    We use PayPal as our secure online payment service. PayPal are trusted worldwide for Internet transactions. We do not store your credit card details in any way. This increases your privacy and makes your purchase more secure. Under European Union legislation, you have the right to cancel within seven days of our contract with you. If you cancel your enrolment you will have your payment returned. To be refunded please provide full details of your enrolment including all reference numbers and PayPal correspondence to enrolments@theconsultants-e.com.

    Note: We are occasionally obliged to cancel a planned course if we do not have the minimum required number of participants (six in the case of the CertIBET). Cancellation will normally occur two weeks in advance of the Cert IBET course start date. In the event of a course cancellation you will be offered the opportunity to have a full refund, roll your enrolment over to the next Cert IBET course date, or transfer to a different course with a discount.

  • When will I receive my certificate?

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    On successful completion of the course, you are issued with a printed certificate from Trinity College London. The printed Trinity certificate is sent to you by post. Before ordering your certificate from Trinity we will check with you to confirm the name you want to appear on the certificate, and the address to which it should be sent.

    We only receive one copy of your certificate, and this is the one we send to you. Should there be any problems with either the name or address after sending, we will be obliged to order another certificate from Trinity and you will be responsible for covering the costs of obtaining and sending the new one to you. This same system holds for lost or damaged certificates after receipt.

    We send all certificates in stiff-backed protective envelopes, by special delivery (signed for), and cover the cost of this delivery. If you would like your certificate delivered by a courier company such as DHL, then we will arrange for this to happen on receipt of the appropriate courier company fee from you.

  • What do people say about the course?

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    • Our tutor's role was clearly defined from the start and Carl (Dowse) lived up to expectations! His feedback and guidance was without exception, appropriate, supportive and beneficial. He provided additional resources for each colleague and enabled an environment of sharing and discussion. An excellent job well done.
      Chris Lowe
      Assistant Professor, Hanseo University South Korea
    • My expectations of the course were by far surpassed and I feel very motivated to transfer what I have learnt into practice. I have gained a lot of confidence....I cannot recommend the online Cert IBET highly enough. I think the course is perfect for people from a variety of backgrounds wishing to embark on or continue a career in Business English teaching.
      Hazel Gruenewald
      Professor of Organisational Behaviour, ESB Business School, Germany
    • [The tutor´s] involvement exceeded all expectations I had of the role of a tutor. He clearly knew his material; guided and supported, where necessary; was responsive on a nearly daily basis to our posts; and has provided a role model that we need to try to emulate in our own future delivery of BE blended learning [...] Taking this course has resulted in a real paradigm shift, both in considering my own BE training and seeing the potential of the new technology that I had thought to be unrelated to BE training.
      John Jaworski
      Specialist – Communication Skills, BAPCO, Kingdom of Bahrain
    • I would definitely recommend this course to everybody in the ESL sector becuse it helps you keep abrest of the modern time and its developments. It also works brilliantly as a refreshing course for teachers with many years of experience in this field. Through the collaborative tasks, you will get contact with teachers from different part of the world and it is also very refreshing and motivating to exchange ideas and to discuss different approaches. Suddenly the world becomes a small place.
      Monica Brabers
      Business English & IELTS Trainer, The Netherlands
    • At first I thought that online learning was just a least-evil solution for people who are too busy and cannot travel to study. But this course turned out to be so successful that I now think that if it had been delivered in a conventional way in a classroom, it wouldn't have been so intense, so packed and so efficient.
      Tatiana Tolstova
      Associate Professor, Samara State Aerospace University, Russia
  • What happens if I have to defer?

    Open or Close

    A deferral means that you leave one iteration of a course and join another at a later date, and we are obliged to charge a deferral fee to cover associated administrative and tutoring costs in all such cases. Note that deferrals are only granted in exceptional circumstances (bereavement, long-term illness, relocation, etc.) and on receipt of concrete supporting evidence. When you join a new iteration of the CertIBET course you will need to pay the deferral fee to join it.

    How are Deferral Fees Calculated?
    Deferral fees are calculated to cover associated administrative costs, costs connected with our contractual obligations to tutor(s) assigned to your module, and with how much of the CertIBET course you may already have done at the time of deferral.

    You will also need to cover bank or PayPal transfer costs as appropriate (note that our bank does not charge for transfers within the UK, but has a standing charge of £17.00 for any international transfer, whilst PayPal will apply a fee based on the quantity of money transferred, and the destination).

    The deferral fee needs to be paid within one month of a deferral being granted. You then have up to one year (twelve calendar months) in which to take the CertIBET course again. If more than twelve months elapse between your deferral and enrolling on the course again, you will need to pay the full course fee, and start the course from the beginning as a new participant. Previous work will not be validated in this case.

    What are the fees?
    The deferral fee - how much you will need to pay to join a future iteration of the course - will be calculated as a combination of administrative costs, tutor costs, bank and associated charges and a fee based on how much of the course you have done at the time of referral.

    - less than 50% of the course done
    -> 25% of the course fee to be paid for the next CertIBET course you join

    - more than 50% of the course done
    -> 50% of the course fee to be paid for the next CertIBET course you join

    Compulsory Deferrals
    If you do not fulfil the course requirements from the beginning of the course (a minimum of 80% of tasks completed in a timely manner, and taking part in assigned pair and group work), you will need to take a compulsory deferral. Your tutor will assess the grounds for a compulsory deferral, and you will be informed of this by half way through the course. Please note that a 50% deferral fee applies in this situation.

  • What happens if my assignment is referred?

    Open or Close

    A referral happens when you submit your final course assignment to Trinity College London for external evaluation, but you are not awarded a Pass grade. A Referral grade means that your work has not met enough of the evaluation criteria to be awarded a Pass. In this case, you have one opportunity to rewrite and resubmit your work, based on the project feedback from your course tutor and from the Trinity external moderator, within a period of 12 weeks from the date of receiving your Referral grade. If your project is not resubmitted within this 12-week period, you will need to take the CertIBET course again from the beginning as a new participant, and pay the full course and moderation fees. Previous work will not be validated in this case. In exceptional cases such as bereavement, relocation or medical reasons, an extension on your referral can be granted, at the discretion of TCE and Trinity, and assuming you submit supporting documentation (such as a medical certificate).

    How are Referral Fees Calculated?
    Referral fees are calculated to cover associated administrative costs, and the external re-moderation of your final project by Trinity College London. Referrals fees are currently the same as Trinity moderation fees for the CertIBET course.

  • What if I need a refund?

    Open or Close

    Before the Course Starts
    If you need to cancel before the course starts, we are able to offer the following refunds (minus any PayPal or bank transfer charges):

    - if you cancel more than two weeks before the course starts, you get a 100% refund
    - if you cancel less than two weeks before the course starts, you get a 75% refund

    After the Course has Started
    Generally speaking, by the time your course starts we will have invested time and money in the administration of the course, in contracting one of our tutors and agreeing terms and conditions for their tutoring time, and they will already have spent time working with you on the course. This makes it very difficult for us to issue refunds after the course has started, and we will only be able to do so in special unforeseen circumstances (long-term illness, bereavement or similar), and with concrete evidence to support a refund application. In such circumstances we can offer the following refunds, based on how much of the course you have already had access to:

    - if you have completed less than 25% of the course, you get a 50% refund
    - if you have completed between 25% and 50% of the course, you get a 25% refund
    - if you have completed more than 50% of the course, you get 00% refund

    Please note that these exceptional refunds are calculated after tutor costs and bank charges have been deducted.

    In most cases, issuing a refund will incur increased bank charges, so we do offer the possibility of keeping the refund in credit with us to put towards another course in the subsequent twelve months, or transferring the credit to a friend or colleague for their use when enrolling with us. Please ask us about this option when asking for a refund.

    NOTE: As moderation fees for our certified courses are paid directly to the moderating body, we are never, under any circumstances, able to issue a refund for them.

  • What are the procedures for appeals & complaints?

    Open or Close

    Appeals: In cases where a candidate is compelled to challenge their final grade they should appeal through the course provider to English UK in writing. English UK will then contact the Chief Examiner of Trinity who will review the assignment and the moderation procedure. Only one appeal is permitted and the candidate’s claim will either be upheld or rejected. There is no fee for this process and the Chief Examiners decision is final.

    Complaints: Complaints will initially be dealt with by The Consultants-E, but in the case of a serious complaint, the complainant is invited to submit the complaint in writing to English UK and/or to Trinity College London.


The CertIBET provides teachers with an internationally recognized certificate, jointly managed and validated by English UK and Trinity College London. Holding a CertIBET will improve your employment opportunities and increase your chances of attracting new clients.

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Course Details

Next start date

2nd October 2017

Available dates

02/10/2017 - 18/12/2017
15/01/2018 - 02/04/2018

Course length

10 weeks

Course fees

£695 (discounts)

Moderation fee


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