• How does a Consultants-E online course actually work in practice?

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    Each of our online courses has one group of maximum 15 participants - the course takes place entirely online in Moodle, and has a workload of 5-8 hours per week (depending on the course).

    During the first week, you work with all your colleagues on the course, finding out about them, introducing yourself, and learning how to use the virtual learning environment (VLE) called Moodle, we use. Don't worry if you have no experience of VLEs or online learning - most of our course participants have little or no experience of this. From the second week, you will do a little bit of pair work (ie work with one other colleague on the course, via email to complete short tasks) - and you do more pair work with various course colleagues throughout the course. From Week 2 on, typical tasks include, for example, short reading tasks (or watching a short video clip), posting opinions and ideas to Forums, and also collaborative tasks in pairs and small groups. So basically you work with the whole group of colleagues and with the tutor all the time, but also with individuals (in pair work) and others (in small group work), throughout the course – you get to know the others in the course pretty well by the end of the course!

  • What does a Consultants-E online course look like?

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  • When do I have to be online to do my course work?

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    When you do the course work is decided entirely by you. Pairs and groups usually communicate via email, although you can also arrange to meet up in the VLE's chat room at certain times to do your pair/group work - some people do this, and some don't - it's up to you and your task partners. You need to complete a series of tasks by the end of each week (deadlines are usually on the weekend). Some people do tasks little by little during the week, some do everything in one day - it's up to you how you organise your time for the tasks during each week. The only time you need to log on at a certain time is when we have a chat (and these are not obligatory) - we always negotiate the chat times (each chat lasts approx one hour – we hold them regularly throughout each course) to suit everyone. Note that participants on our courses are usually practising teachers, with full teaching or training workloads, so we are very much aware of the need for flexibility with workloads, and are here to help with any issues that may arise with having to travel unexpectedly for work, etc.

  • Why should I take a course with The Consultants-E?

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    We have been involved in online teacher training since the mid-1990s, and have trained up hundreds of teachers worldwide, entirely online, using a constructivist model of pedagogy, that includes plenty of online pair and group work, and reflection on practice. Our tutors are extremely experienced online and f2f teachers trainers, and several of them are award-winning coursebook and methodology book authors. Apart from taking advantage of our experience in online teacher training, and working with outstanding professional trainers by doing a course with us, you will be taking a course in Moodle, one of the fastest-growing VLEs currently in use by educational institutions worldwide.

    See here for more…

  • Who are the tutors and participants on The Consultants-E's online courses?

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    Our online tutors are highly-skilled and fully trained E-moderators with years of experience in both online tutoring and online materials design and development. You'll find detailed information on all of our tutors in each course section on the website.

    We have trained hundreds of participants from over 40 countries to date. Our participants are teachers and trainers from all over the world. Many are language teachers (English, French, Spanish, German…), and some are trainers from other disciplines (such as journalism, nursing …) interested in online learning in their contexts.

  • How do I enrol?

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    If you'd like to join any of our upcoming online courses, you will need to sign up via this website – use the menu above to browse the courses , click on the course you would like to join, and then click on the ‘Enrol' link. This will take you to a safe online credit card payment page.

    Course fees can also be paid by bank transfer or Euro cheque – please contact our Admin department directly for details about this.

    Past participants on our courses are entitled to a 10% discount on the following courses: E-moderation Skills, WebQuests, VLE Starter and VLE Smarter, mLearning in Practice. There are also group discounts available for two or more participants from the same institution on all of our courses. Please contact our Admin department about how to take advantage of discounts.

    And finally, don't forget that we offer regular fully funded scholarships on some of our courses - check out our Scholarships for more on that!

  • What happens if I need to defer?

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    A deferral means that you leave one iteration of a course and join another at a later date, and we are obliged to levy a series of deferral fees to cover associated administrative and tutoring costs in all such cases. Note that deferrals are only granted in exceptional circumstances (bereavement, long-term illness, relocation, etc.) and on receipt of concrete supporting evidence.

  • How are deferral fees calculated?

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    Deferral fees are calculated to cover associated administrative costs, costs connected with our contractual obligations to tutor(s) assigned to your course, and with how much of the course you may already have done at the time of deferral. Note that for our CertICT and CertIBET courses we are unable to defer Trinity fees once they have been paid and you will need to pay that fee to the awarding body again when you finally take the course.

    You will also need to cover bank or PayPal transfer costs as appropriate (note that our bank does not charge for transfers within the UK, but has a standing charge of £17.00 for any international transfer, whilst PayPal will apply a fee based on the quantity of money transferred, and the destination).

    The deferral fee needs to be paid within one month of a deferral being granted. You then have up to one year (twelve calendar months) in which to take the course again. If more than twelve months elapse between your deferral and enrolling on the course again, you will need to pay the full course fee, and start the course from the beginning as a new participant. Previous work will not be validated in this case.

    Deferrals Before a Course Starts
    If you need to defer before your course starts, the following fees apply:

    - more than two weeks before: no fee
    - less than two weeks before: 20% of the full course fee

    Deferrals After a Course has Started
    If you need to defer during a course the deferral fee will be calculated as a combination of administrative costs, tutor costs, bank and associated charges and a fee based on how much of the course you have had access to at the time of referral. Note that a deferral is unlikely to exceed 50% of the full course fee unless it is within the first 20% of

    - less than 25% of the course done: 25% fee
    - less than 50% of the course done: 50% fee
    - more than 50% of the course done: 100% fee

    Note that Module 3 deferrals are handled on a case-by-case basis and you should contact your tutor in the first instance. In the case of seeking a deferral, you need to contact your course tutor, and copy in admin@theconsultants-e.com so we can deal with the administrative issues involved in a deferral.

  • What is a referral?

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    A referral happens when you submit your final course project to Trinity College London (Cert ICT and Cert IBET courses only), but you are not awarded a Pass grade. A Referral grade means that your project has not met enough of the evaluation criteria to be awarded a Pass. In this case, you have one opportunity to rewrite and resubmit your work, based on the project feedback from your course tutor and from the Trinity external moderator, within a period of 12 weeks from the date of receiving your Referral grade. If your project is not resubmitted within this 12 week period, you will need to start the Cert ICT or Cert IBET course again from the beginning as a new participant, and pay the full course and moderation fees.

    Previous work will not be validated in this case. In exceptional cases such as bereavement, relocation or medical reasons, an extension on your referral can be granted, at the discretion of TCE and Trinity, and assuming you submit supporting documentation (such as a medical certificate).

  • How are referral fees calculated?

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    Referral fees are calculated to cover associated administrative costs, and the external re-moderation of your final project by Trinity College London. Referrals fees are currently the same as Trinity moderation fees for the Cert ICT and Cert IBET courses.

  • What is your refund policy?

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    Before the Course Starts
    If you need to cancel before the course starts, we are able to offer the following refunds:

    - more than two weeks before: 100% refund
    - less than two weeks before: 75% refund

    After the Course has Started
    Generally speaking, by the time your course starts we will have invested time and money in the administration of the course, in contracting one of our tutors and agreeing terms and conditions for their tutoring time and they will already have spent time working with you on the course. This makes it very difficult for us to issue refunds after a course has started, and we will only be able to do so in special unforeseen circumstances (long-term illness, bereavement or similar), and with concrete evidence to support a refund application. In such circumstances we can offer the following refunds, based on how much of the course you have already had access to:

    - less than 25% of the course available: 50% refund
    - less than 50% of the course available: 25% refund
    - more than 50% of the course available: 00% refund

    Please note that these exceptional refunds are calculated after tutor costs and bank charges have been deducted. For this reason we are unable to allow anyone access to a course without the course fee having been paid in advance (or a percentage deposit and payment schedule agreed between both parties).

    In most cases, issuing a refund will incur increased bank charges, so we do offer the possibility of keeping the refund in credit with us to put towards another course in the subsequent twelve months, or transferring the credit to a friend or colleague for their use when enrolling with us. Please ask us about this possibility when asking for a refund.

    NOTE: As moderation fees for our certified courses are paid directly to the moderating body at the time of enrolment, we are never, under any circumstances, able to issue a refund for them.

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