The Directors

Gavin Dudeney
Director of Technology

Gavin is Director of Technology at The Consultants-E. He has worked in education since 1988 as a teacher, materials developer, IT manager and web/user interface designer. Gavin is based in the UK.

I love fiddling with technologies and gadgets!Gavin

Nicky Hockly
Director of Pedagogy

Nicky is Director of Pedagogy at The Consultants-E. She has been involved in language teaching, teacher training and materials development - both online and f2f - since 1987. Nicky is based in Spain.

I’m a reformed technophobe, now technophile!Nicky

Together, we’ve written some of
THE books on EdTech…
[ Gavin on Amazon | Nicky on Amazon ]

The Team

Ana d’Almeida
Head of Admin

Ana is Head of Administration at The Consultants-E, and an online tutor. She has been a teacher and academic coordinator at several language schools since 1983, and is based in Brazil.

Victoria Boobyer
Online Tutor & Projects

Victoria tutors on The Consultants-E’s online Cert ICT and E-moderation courses. She has been a teacher in several countries and academic manager of a language school. She is now a freelance materials writer and online trainer based in UK.

Lindsay Clandfield
Online Tutor & Projects

Lindsay tutors on The Consultants-E's online E-moderation course. He is a teacher, teacher trainer and author who has written material for international EFL course books and teachers' sites. Lindsay is based in Spain.

Helen Strong
Online Tutor & Projects

Helen tutors on the blended Cert IBET training course. An in-company trainer since 1999, she is based in the south of Germany. Helen also works as a CELTA tutor and materials writer. [ more… ]

Carl Dowse
Online Tutor & Projects

Carl tutors on Cert IBET training course, and is also a full-time lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Essen. He specialises in teaching business English, and lives in Germany.

Robert Martinez
Online Tutor & Projects

Robert tutors on The Consultants-E's online Cert ICT course. He is an experienced teacher and trainer with over 20 years’ experience in 8 different countries, and is based in Italy.

Carol Rainbow
Online Tutor & Projects

Carol tutors on The Consultants-E’s online E-moderation, mLearning, and Digital Games courses. She has been teaching and teacher training for over 20 years, and is based in UK.

Janet Bianchini
Online Tutor & Projects

Janet tutors on The Consultants-E's online E-moderation course, and she has worked in the field of EFL both as a teacher and teacher trainer since 1979. Janet is based in Italy.

Anne Fox
Online Tutor & Projects

Anne tutors on The Consultants-E's online Cert ICT course, and she also develops and runs blended teacher training courses for teachers. Anne is based in Denmark.

Ceri Jones
Online Tutor & Projects

Ceri tutors on The Consultants-E's online BlendIt and e-Moderation courses, and she is also a teacher and course book writer. Ceri is based in Spain.

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