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Nicky is Director of Pedagogy at The Consultants-E and has worked in the field of face-to-face and distance language education since 1987. She holds an MA in TEFL from the Universidad de Granada (2000), a CTEFLA (1987) and a DTEFLA (1991). From 1997 -2002, she worked as the Academic Director of one of the first fully online MA in English Language Teaching programmes, with a consortium of Spanish and Latin American universities under the auspices of Funiber (Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana). She became one of the founding directors of The Consultants-E in 2003.
Nicky is an international plenary speaker, and she runs workshops and teacher training courses for language teachers all over the world. She is also a well-known author of methodology books on the application of technology to language teaching (see Publications below). She is currently also a technology consultant with the Cambridge University Press 'Cambridge English Teacher' development and training platform.

Nicky lives in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Books

    Focus on Technology - Oxford University Press - forthcoming 2016

    Going Mobile - Delta Publishing, 2014
    (with Gavin Dudeney)

    Digital Literacies - Routledge, 2013
    (with Gavin Dudeney & Dr. Mark Pegrum)

    Webinars: A Cookbook for Educators - 2012 (e-book)

    Teaching Online - Delta Publishing, 2010
    (with Lindsay Clandfield )

    Learning EFL for Dummies - John Wiley & Sons, 2009
    (with Gavin dudeney)

    How to Teach English with Technology - Longman, 2007
    (with Gavin Dudeney)

  • Book Chapters

    ‘Online language learning’ – chapter in The Cambridge Guide to Learning a Second Language. Burns, A., & Richards, J. (eds.), Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2016 (Dudeney & Hockly).

    ‘Digital Learning in 2020’ – chapter in Digital Learning: theoretical and pedagogical perspectives. Bailey, K. & Carrier, M. (eds.), Routledge, forthcoming 2016 (Dudeney & Hockly).

    ‘Designer learning: the teacher as designer of mobile-based classroom learning experiences’ – chapter in Technology-Enhanced Language Learning for Specialized Domains. Martín-Monje, E., Elorza, I. & García Riaza, B. (eds.), Routledge 2016 (Hockly).

    ‘Blended learning in a mobile context: new tools, new learning experiences?’ - chapter in The Cambridge Guide to Blended Learning. McCarthy, M. (ed.), forthcoming Cambridge University Press 2016 (Dudeney & Hockly).

    ‘Digital literacies’ - chapter in The Routledge Handbook of Language Learning and Technology. Farr, F. & Murray, L. (eds.), forthcoming Routledge 2016 (Dudeney & Hockly).

    ‘Reversing the Blend: From Online to Blended’ - chapter in Blended Learning in English Language Teaching: Course Design and Implementation., Tomlinson, B. & Whittaker, C. (eds.), British Council 2013 (Dudeney & Hockly).

  • Regular Columns

    Technology for the Language Teacher - regular column in English Language Teaching Journal (ELTJ)
    2011 - present

    Things You Always Wanted to Know about ICT, but Were Too Afraid to Ask -- regular column in EtP
    2009 - present

    Natecla News
    2007 – 2011

    Note: Some of her ELTJ and ETP articles can be accessed on Nicky's Academia page (republished with permissions from the publishers).

  • Articles

    Designer Learning: The Teacher as Designer of Mobile-based Classroom Learning Experiences. A research paper commissioned and published by The International Research Foundation (TIRF) on MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning) in October 2013. [ read ]

    Mobile English: Article and series of 5 mLearning lesson plans by Gavin Dudeney & Nicky Hockly, on the OneStopEnglish website:
    - An introduction to mobile English [article]
    - Ideal phone [lesson plan]
    - Mobile phone dictation [lesson plan]
    - Digital word banks [lesson plan]
    - Secret instructions [lesson plan]
    - Pet hates [lesson plan]

    A History of CALL - ELTJ (Autumn 2012) (with Gavin Dudeney)

    Three articles about mLearning by Nicky Hockly in Modern English Teacher (reproduced with permission):
    - Mobile learning: What is it and why should you care? [ download PDF ]
    Modern English Teacher 21/2 April 2012

    - Substitute or redefine? Mobile learning in and out of class [ download PDF ]
    Modern English Teacher 21/3 July 2012

    - Tech-savvy teaching: BYOD [ download PDF ]
    Modern English Teacher 21/4 October 2012

    Meet the Twitterati - English Teaching Professional, January 2009 (with Gavin Dudeney)

    Teachers and Technology - Modern English Teacher, April 2009

    Community Service: Online CPD for Teachers - Modern English Teacher, October 2009

    Teaching Online - British Council Teaching English website, June 2005 (with Gavin Dudeney)

    WebQuests - British Council Teaching English website, April 2005 (with Gavin Dudeney)

    Ms. Conceptions: Gender and Identity in EFL/ ESL Online Contexts - TESL- EJ Forum, March 2005 (with Gavin Dudeney)

    Working Together in Virtual Darkness - The Guardian Weekly, June 2004

    Online skills sharing is breaching staffroom 'wall of silence' - The Guardian Weekly (with Gavin Dudeney)

    Live and Let Lurk - IATEFL Issues 173, June-July 2003

    Editor of It’s for Teachers magazine 2002 - 2004

    Regular contributor to IATEFL Teacher Trainers and Educators Special Interest Group Newsletter

    Learning the hard way: strategy use and (online) distance education, IATEFL Learner Independence SIG Newsletter, Issue 30: 2001.

    Apprenticeship and Cognitive Modelling in Pre-service Teacher Education, English Language Teaching Journal (ELTJ), April 2000

    Multiple Intelligences in the EFL classroom, GRETA XVI Jornadas Pedagógicas Actas 2000

    Articles in IATEFL Annual Conference Selections 2000 - present. Edited by A. Pulverness / Briony Beaven / Tania Patterson.

  • Videos & Presentations
  • Miscellaneous

    Nicky blogs at eModeration Station

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